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According to many experts, the trend of using cameras is becoming increasingly popular.

HCM City bans camera installation for infringement on people's privacy

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has just issued a regulation on management, operation and exploitation of monitoring camera systems in Ho Chi Minh City, which is effective from January 22.

Vietnamese still not aware of privacy rights about personal data

More and more privacy infringement cases have been reported recently, but some victims of the cases are not even aware of their privacy rights.

Parents warned about posting photos of children on social networks

In the past, Vietnamese people were willing to provide personal information and their photos, but many have decided to stop doing this because of certain risks.

Privacy of Covid-19 patients needs to be protected

A close friend recently showed me a text message of his friend who has been put under quarantine. “I have lost everything. I don’t have the face to see my wife and kids, co-workers and friends anymore,” he wrote.

Attitudes toward privacy: from village culture to modern times

Privacy is an interesting topic of discussion in Vietnam. It has been influenced by village culture, an important component of the Vietnamese cultural identity.