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The mammoth $4.5 billion steel project, which was considered the pride and hope of Quang Ngai province, has turned out to be a big disappointment as it has not taken any move forward so far.

HCM City calls for investment in Thu Thiem urban area

 VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City is holding a conference to promote investment in the Thu Thiem urban area on May 8 to introduce potentials and call for investment in the most beautiful urban area in Southeast Asia.

The ambitions cherished and the goals targeted by Vietnamese businesses

Vietinbank, which ranks the 1,764th in the Forbes Global 2000 hopes it can get in-grade promotion, while other Vietnamese businesses hope their names would enter the list one day.

Part 2: Vietnam gets ready to receive Korean third investment wave

South Koreans have been flocking to Vietnam to invest in the real estate, retail, logistics, consumer goods and electronics projects, the business fields that they have great advantages.

Big guys try to transfer property projects to stop loss

The HCM City in the first quarter of 2013 witnessed 4 high-rise building project transfer deals worth $600 million, according to CBRE, a real estate service provider.

Domestic building material companies swallowed up by foreign groups

The frozen real estate market has put big difficulties on the domestic building material industry, but has brought the golden opportunities to foreign groups to take over domestic companies.

VND30 trillion credit package can rescue real estate market?

Doubts have been raised whether if the VND30 trillion package can save the sinking real estate market. VND30 trillion is believed to be just a “grain of salt in the ocean.”

MPI, local authorities disagree on decentralization mechanism

MPI believes that it’s not the right time to apply the decentralization mechanism in licensing foreign direct investment (FDI) projects.

Turning garbage into useful products

With the MBT-CD.08 technology, the Hanoi-based Hydraulic Machinery company can turn garbage into useful products such as unburned bricks, fuel pellets and PO oil.

The absurd multi-billion dong projects

A lot of projects with the estimated investment capital of tens or hundreds of billions of dong have been proposed, while people have to think twice before spending any dong.

Venture funds have superfluous capital, but lack projects

Venture funds have still been seeking opportunities to enrich their investment portfolios.

Investors rush to inject money in hydropower plants, ignoring warnings

VietNamNet Bridge – More and more hydropower plant projects have been drawn up by investors, who have heard that Vietnam is thirsty for power for its industrialization process.

Tokyu case should be seen as lesson for ODA-funded project implementation

The delay in the site clearance work has become so commonly seen in Vietnam. However, things may change a lot after a Japanese contractor asked for additional expenses to compensate the losses it incurred due to the delay in the site clearance.

Non-state science institutions live well without the state’s support

No investment capital from the states, but a lot of non-state science institutions show that they have been operating very well and they are in no way inferior to the organizations funded by the State.

Global economy still cools, but multi-billion dollar projects re-ignited in VN

A lot of huge projects which were halted due to the foreign investors’ financial problems, have been restarted, which is believed to help warm up the national economy.

MOF plans to reserve investment incentives for expanded projects

The expanded investment projects will also be able to enjoy the investment incentives like the ones given before to the initial projects, if the proposal of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is ratified by the National Assembly.

Big tycoon disappears, leaving half-finished projects and deserted land

Hoang Kieu, President of the US-based RAAS Group, a tycoon, who once appeared in all local newspapers when heating up the mild land area of Tien Giang with a lot of promised huge projects, has disappeared quietly.


Ministry eyes new fuel tax scales; Seafood firms ask for extension; Sugar smugglers sour local market; Regulations fail to increase supply of low-cost housing; S-Fone crushed by debt;

Banks rush to disburse money for real estate projects

VietNamNet Bridge – The recent moves by commercial banks of lending more capital to estate projects have brought high hopes to investors. However, analysts say the “exit door” remains too narrow for them.

Vietnamese feel insecure with hydropower plants

While other governments in the world reconsider hydropower plant development strategies and the world’s big organizations do not fund hydropower projects any more, Vietnam still cherishes a keen desire to develop hydropower.