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The primary supply of corporate bonds has dropped sharply as the epidemic has upset enterprises’ business plans. Many have postponed bond issuance plans.

Real estate firms gear up for the race after pandemic

 Property firms are gearing up to tap opportunities from the post-pandemic recovery of the real estate market, which was predicted to soon get back on its feet.


Property firms top bond issuers, having risks as outstanding bonds much higher than equities

Property firms were the top bond issuers in the first four months of this year, but the race of issuing bonds to raise capital in the context of tightened credit was creating risks as many had much higher outstanding bonds than their equities.


Property firms outpace banks in bond issuance

Real estate enterprises outpaced banks to issue the largest volume of corporate bonds last month, according to a newly released report by SSI Securities Corporation.


Property firms forced to wean themselves off bank credit

The HCM City Real Estate Association has recently proposed that the central bank should allow lenders to use 45 per cent of their short-term deposits for long- and medium-term loans next year instead of 40 per cent as it has mandated.

Experts: Market to recover on economic improvement

 VietNamNet Bridge – Despite challenges ahead, experts in the banking and securities industry expect the stock market to see a gradual recovery given an expected improvement in economic conditions this year.