A corner of La Lay border gate.

Quang Tri is located in the midpoint of the country, the starting point on the main route of the East - West economic corridor connecting Laos - Thailand - Myanmar through Lao Bao international border gate to central seaports such as Cua Viet, Chan May, Da Nang, and Vung Ang.

As the intersection of the North - South and East - West economic axis, Quang Tri has favorable conditions on road, railway and waterway transportation, including the country's vital traffic routes, particularly, the East - West Economic Corridor (EWEC), the shortest trans-Asia route connecting countries in the region from Myanmar - Thailand - Laos through Lao Bao international border gate to central Vietnam and expanding beyond Southeast Asia.

This is a very favorable condition for Quang Tri to expand economic cooperation in the region, to develop international transportation, trade, services and tourism.

Quang Tri with many outstanding potentials and advantages aims to become a new energy center of the central region with strengths in clean energy (wind power, solar power) and thermal power; abundant quartz sand reserves of good quality.

In addition, Quang Tri focuses on developing the processing industry based on its advantages in area and the highest timber output from planted forests in Vietnam; developing tourism, especially eco-tourism and marine tourism, into a key economic sector of the province. The infrastructure system is relatively complete, with 2 economic zones, 3 industrial parks and 14 industrial clusters.

In particular, the Southeast Economic Zone with an area of 23,792 hectares approved by the Prime Minister along with the project to establish La Lay Border Gate Economic Zone has created outstanding advantages for Quang Tri to attract investment.

Quang Tri Province expects that the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone will be the destination for international investors on the East-West Economic Corridor. Converging advantages in geo-economic location, natural resources, minerals, and fisheries that are quite rich and diverse, many historical and cultural relics famous at home and abroad, combined with the "new strengths" that are being invested and formed in infrastructure, transportation, human resources, and quality of administrative procedure reform, Quang Tri will create competitive advantages to attract domestic and foreign investors.

The authorities of Quang Tri province commit to continue improving the investment environment, ready to cooperate, help and create the most favorable conditions for investment procedures as well as apply investment incentives at highest level, promptly grasp and handle difficulties and problems for businesses, ensure security and order for investors when coming to learn about and implement investment projects in the province, ensure the timely and consistent motto of the political system, professional working style to create convenience for investors.