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Still coping with difficulties caused by Covid-19, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) also face risks in information and data security in 2021.

‘Make in Vietnam’ tool helps find ransomware

Decrypting and identifying ransomware and checking for malicious files are features of two new "Make in Vietnam" tools provided free of charge by the National Cyber Security Monitoring Center (NCSC).

Ransomware rises in third quarter

The number of variants of money stealing malware rose in the third quarter of 2019, though the number of victims recorded fell, according to a report from security firm Kaspersky.


Vietnamese users lose $540 million from viruses: Bkav

Vietnam’s leading internet security firm, Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Centre (BKAV), announced that Vietnamese users lost some VND12.3 trillion (US$540 million) in 2017 due to viruses.

Vietnamese businesses exposed to more ransomware cyberattacks

Experts say ransomware continues attacking businesses, and that cryptocurrency mining malware has appeared on websites in Vietnam, while spyware is attacking Android smartphones.

Vietnamese hackers cannot exploit wifi vulnerabilities: expert

Ha The Phuong, deputy CEO of CMC Infosec, has told wi-fi users not to worry about vulnerabilities in WPA/WPA2 protocol, considered the most secure encryption protocol available today.

Vietnamese businesses fear future ransomware attacks

VietNamNet Bridge - After the May 2017 worldwide cyberattack by the WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm, Vietnamese businesses fear being blackmailed by ransomware again.

Experts make fuss about ransomware, businesses ignore the danger

Experts have repeatedly issued warnings about ransomware after the WannaCry attack. However, the majority of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t believe they need to take serious measures to prevent problems.

Security experts warn about spread of new ransomware virus ‘Locky’

VietNamNet Bridge - ‘Locky’, a new virus that encrypts victims’ files and demands ransom for decryption, has been spreading at an alarming rate, according to FPT, Vietnam’s largest information technology group.

Hackers earn big money with ransomware

VietNamNet Bridge - Many Vietnamese businesses have agreed to pay ransom to get back data stolen by hackers, thus inadvertently lending a hand to cybercrimes.

Hackers expose private information of 50,000 VNPT clients

VietNamNet Bridge – DIE Group, a group of hackers, has posted personal information about 50,000 clients of VNPT, the largest telecom group in Vietnam, on the internet.

1,600 computers in Vietnam infected with CTBLocker

Bach Khoa Anti-virus Center (BKAV) last week reported that 1,600 computers in Vietnam had been  infected with CTBLocker, a dangerous ransomware infection that decrypts files on computers and displays a so-called ransom warning.

Falsified apps the biggest source of mobile malware expansion

Although computer malware and viruses have become more deadly, mobile device users are not taking necessary security precautions, according to the Vietnam Information Security Association.