Job seekers and employers at a job fair


In a report released on July 12, the HR solution provider said the HR industry’s strong development is linked with the US-China trade war and Vietnam’s stable economic growth recently.

Director of the Ho Chi Minh office of Adecco Vietnam Le Nguyen Ngoc Thanh said the number of new foreign direct investment projects and the disbursed capital hit a record in the first half of 2019.

Additionally, the mushrooming of fintech companies and startups has heated up the hunt for talents for sales, marketing, operation, commercial and service positions.

The manufacturing sector has continued to take the lead in recruitment demand when many big investors are ready to spend big on attracting talents. Meanwhile, fintech and e-commerce businesses have also strived to attract talents from across the country.

The “hottest” positions at present are manager jobs that require many years of experience in such fields as operation, accounting, HR and sales, Adecco Vietnam said, noting that multinational companies need experienced persons with good understanding of the local market so as to help them gain a firm foothold in Vietnam.

It added they will seek candidates for high-level technical and production jobs to establish production systems in the country to replace their factories in China.

Adecco Vietnam predicted that the recruitment industry will stay vibrant in the time ahead, noting foreign businesses will also invest strongly in young and inexperienced talents so as to develop staff adapting well to their own working environment. –VNA