Recycling of tires, tubes, batteries, and lubricant oils mandatory from January 2024- Ảnh 1.

This is part of Viet Nam's effort to implement the expanded producer responsibility (EPR) as institutionalized in the Law on Environmental Protection adopted by the National Assembly in 2020.

This regulation shall be applicable to producers and importers having annual revenue of over VND30 billion and 20 billion, respectively.

The mandatory recycling rates are as follows:

5 percent for rubber tires and tubes; 8-12 percent for baterries; 10-22 percent for cartons.

The producers and importers mentioned above are entitled to recycle products and packages adopting one of the following methods:

Organize recycling of products and packages

(ii) Make a financial contribution to the Viet Nam Environment Protection Fund to support recycling of products and packages

The producers and importers shall register their recycling plans and submit annual reports on recycling results to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment./. VGP