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Recycling of tires, tubes, batteries, and lubricant oils mandatory from 2024

Producers and importers shall have to recycle rubber tires and inner tubes, batteries, and lubricant oils, and cartons according to the mandatory recycling rate and specifications from January 1, 2024.

Recycling old batteries a growing movement in environmental protection

Conscious of the adverse effects of batteries on health and the environment, many people have been working to dispose of and recycle these devices correctly and are advocating for others to do the same.

Fees charged for recycling to take effect in 2024

High fees charged for recycling would provide an incentive for manufacturers to re-design their products and packages in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Vietnam needs to look into recycling discarded vehicles: experts

Statistics revealed that Vietnam has 4.5 million cars and 60 million motorbikes currently in use, and these figures are growing.

Vietnam’s first recycled plastic-made school inaugurated

A kindergarten school made of recycled plastic – the first of this kind in Vietnam, was put into operation on September 9 in Cao Son commune in Muong Khuong district of the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai.

New initiative to recycle 3,000 tonnes of cartons

A carton recycling initiative will be piloted in Ho Chi Minh City from August 2022 to March 2023, aiming to collect and fully recycle 3,000 tonnes of used drink cartons into new products, such as paperboard and eco-friendly roofing materials.

Producers to be subject to recycling obligations

A workshop was held by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoNRE) in HCM City on August 15 to promote the Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP) Act among manufacturers and importers under the 2020 Law on Environmental Protection.

Vietnam losses US$3 billion/year from waste

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam is among the top four countries with the largest amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment, estimated at more than 1.8 million tons per year.

Discarded fruit peels recycled into valuable products

Many types of fruit peels, considered such as cocoa and shrimp shells and rice husks, can be processed into useful products, thus increasing product value, regenerating resources, and protecting the environment.

10th grader makes bricks from waste and quicklime

Diem My, a 10th grader at Le The Hieu High School in Quang Tri province, has won first prize at the 10th Youth Creativity Competition.

CNN broadcast highlights sneakers made from coffee grounds

Vietnamese sneakers made from discarded coffee grounds and plastic bottles have been introduced by CNN in their “Innovate” programme.

Mondelez Kinh Do achieves 95% progress on sustainable packaging goals

Mondelez Kinh Do continues to make progress towards its ambitious commitments to reducing the environmental impact of packaging and tackling plastic waste.

DIY enthusiast's fantastic plastic creations

In a small house in the port city of Hai Phong, a middle-aged woman is meticulously creating petals from a plastic bag to gradually create a flower painting made entirely from recycled materials.

Rice husks: From waste to new green energy

Intensive efforts are underway with support from diverse stakeholders to promote the sustainable use of rice husks and other biomass resources for electricity and heat production throughout Vietnam.

‘Green’ school promotes waste value

Primary school of Tran Dai Nghia in Da Nang began a recycling kitchen system to reduce 60 per cent of waste released each month, saving VND1 million (US$43) in garbage treatment fees, while producing 100kg of nutritional compost each month.

The art of earning millions of VND a day through recycling

Cajuput peels, banana peels and old jeans are used by a Kien Giang man to make original paintings, while old tyres are used by a man in Binh Thuan to make tables, chairs and swings.

Local packaging manufacturers go green

Using environmentally friendly and recycled packaging has become a worldwide trend, forcing packaging manufacturers to adapt.

Technology transformation needed for cleaner production

Despite 50 per cent of businesses applying the resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP), savings of fuel and energy consumption per product only achieved a ratio of eight to 13 per cent in 2016-20.

From old tyres to kids’ fun

Discarded old tyres have been given a new lease of life at kids’ playgrounds in Hai Duong province.

Silhouette sculptures by young artist promote green lifestyle

Instead of throwing out his garbage like most people do, a young man in Hanoi has turned them into beautiful silhouette sculptures.