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Vietnam considers allowing foreigners to buy tourism property

The Ministry of Construction (MOC) has asked to amend the 2014 Housing Law and Real Estate Business Law, allowing foreign institutions and individuals to buy tourism properties in Vietnam.

Vietnam vows to eliminate wildlife trade

Director of the Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Trinh Le Nguyen talks on Vietnam’s efforts to eliminate the wildlife trade


Hanoi hands out red books to foreigners

Six foreign organisations and 35 foreigners were granted red books to purchase a number of apartments in Hanoi.

Vietnam tries to protect sea turtles, the ‘ocean envoys’

Sea turtles lay about 100 eggs a few times each year, but the survival rate of the species is approximately 1 out of 1,000.

Scientists conserve ‘King of Fish’ of the Mekong Delta

The engineers at the Southern Freshwater Aquaculture Breeding Center have succeeded in the artificial reproduction of ca ho (Catlocarpio siamensis), a species of fish listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.

Uncontrolled tourism in Son Tra harms red shanked douc

VietNamNet Bridge - The threat to Son Tra Peninsula and the red shanked douc in Son Tra is uncontrolled tourism development.

Hà Nội sees red over delayed ’red book’ certificates

The city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment has decided to crack down on investors who delay the issuance of land use certificates, known as "red books", to home buyers.

Red-shanked douc in Da Nang threatened by tourism project

VietNamNet Bridge - Seven groups of 100 red-shanked individuals of douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) could be affected by a tourism project to be implemented in the southwestern part of Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang City.

Land department not to name names of offenders

 VietNamNet Bridge – The General Department of Land Administration has refused to name land registration offices in Ha Noi and HCM City accused of making it difficult for residents to apply for land-use right books,

Land-use certificates streamlined

Ha Noi has revved its procedures for land-use rights and house ownership certificates, also known as "red books", to buyers of apartments.

Half a million of the apartments in Hanoi do not have the “red book”

Hanoi takes the lead among provinces and cities in Vietnam for the number of red books (land use right certificates) for houses and plots of land in stock.

The home of the chicken in Vietnam’s Red Book

People probably only know about Ha Nam as the home to specialties like Dai Hoang braised fish, king bananas, Phu Van flower village but few know that Ha Nam is also the home to Mong chicken, the species listed in the Vietnam’s Red Book.