Young people’s aspiration is to pursue a lifestyle that honors freedom, taking charge and opportunities to immerse in nature. 

To them, the office is not limited to four stuffy walls and deadlines can still be met on the road and cooled down anywhere with a few bottles of chilled green tea.  

Zero Degree Green Tea is young people’s favorite drink to relieve stress and fatigue

As a content creator, freelance work helps Minh Nhien comfortably join in any camping or backpacking trip with friends to explore the breath-taking area of the Central Highlands.

Traveling, working, and exploring new horizons help Nhien gain a lot of interesting experiences. However, as he is usually on the road, deep in the forest so sometimes there are unexpected obstacles like mechanical issues, loss of cellphone signal 4G which leads to frequent stress and fatigue on the long journeys. 

Facing challenges like those, Nhien and his friends always remain optimistic, relieving stress with bottes of chilled green tea to find solutions. 

“Only with adversities, challenges and overcoming them in order to chill out in the middle of the woods with a few cold bottles of Zero Degree Green Tea let me see how interesting life is”, Minh Nhien said. 

Zero Degree Green Tea, the essential choice drink to relieve stress every day for young people

“Don’t hesitate to live life to the fullest while one is young but it is necessary to know how to take care of one’s health, chill out in life at anytime and anywhere”, that is a way of living for Thanh Ngoc, a digital content creator in traveling and nature experiences. 

“I explore a new territory almost every week to discover nature but at the same time, it is about self-discovering and sharing the most fascinating shots to viewers on social media. The need to “unearth'' new territories poses many challenges and surprises for me”, Thanh Ngoc said. 

“In the moments, I need to keep calm, relieve my stress, reward myself with a few chilled bottles of Zero Degree Green Tea to cool down everything in my life and find solutions for all the obstacles over my thousand-mile journey,” Ngoc added.

Society is witnessing a generation of Vietnamese which is filled with energy, personalities and zest for life - a generation called “cloud natives”. The more challenges they face, the more mature they are with diverse life experiences. 

They equip themselves with skills, find a convenient way to care and protect their health by choosing food and beverages which have natural source ingredients like Zero Degree Green Tea with ECGC compound and vitamin C added to relieve all stress, cool their life down and enjoy every youthful moment to the fullest. 

Young people now return to nature and love natural, good-for-health to cool down their lives

“I want my life to be out of the comfort zone and to become more meaningful. I always want to share positive messages from trips that explore our land, drinks that are good for our health, bottles of chilled, fragrant green tea to cool down our stress over thousands of miles to loved ones, friends so that everyone can cool down their lives in all circumstances”, Ngoc Anh, a student who loves exploring nature says. 

There have been many passing trends of food and drinks, but green tea is still a beverage that earns a special place among Gen Z over the years. Bottles of green tea become essential items for travelers over thousands of miles throughout the nation. 

Amidst breath-taking beautiful nature, we cannot miss groups of youthful travelers raising their bottles of Zero Degree Green Tea while chilling in nature enjoying the cool, fragrant Green Tea to cool down their lives. 

With EGCG compound from green tea leaf and vitamin C added which are good for health, Zero Degree Green Tea becomes the “hot hit” drink beloved by youth in their daily life. This healthy drink has now become an essential item in young people’s traveling trips around the country to diffuse stress, fatigue and cool down life.