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Vietnamese online argue about ‘queuing at eateries’

After images of people queuing in front of a street food shop in Hanoi appeared on the internet recently, a debate about the practice began online.

Giving up dream salaries in foreign countries, young people return to VN

Many Vietnamese young people do not hesitate to give up high-income jobs in foreign countries and return to contribute their efforts to VN.

Solo travelling, a new trend among young people

Solo travelling is not rare in western countries, but in Asian countries including Vietnam it is somewhat of an oddity. But it has become increasingly popular among young Vietnamese in recent years.

Vietnamese youth prefer western-style weddings

Instead of a traditional wedding, where bride and bridegroom follow many ceremonies, many young people prefer a western-style wedding organized outdoors, with romantic, modern and personalized rites.

Vietnamese, especially in cities, eat too much meat

The average meat consumption of Vietnamese is 134 grams per head per day, including 95.5 grams of red meat, higher than the recommended 70 grams per head per day. The figure is even higher in urban areas.

The centers that produce cosmetic surgery 'specialists'

Ignoring the risks, more unlicensed establishments have been opened and are still carrying out mass production of fake cosmetic surgery.

Slowing down fast fashion to save the planet

The fashion industry is regarded as one of the most wasteful sectors. If you don’t believe this is the case? Check your closet.

As easy as becoming a beautician: 'underground' facial filler operations

Just after attending a training course that lasted a few months, a hairdresser said he could perform a filler injection for clients and handle any trouble that might occur during the process.

Vietnam ranks 74th in calorie consumption

With 3,026 calories consumed per person per day on average, Vietnam ranks 74th on the list of countries consuming the most calories.

Generation Z facing problems in the workplace

Since graduating, Kim Xuyen, 24 has already changed jobs four times for various reasons. Sometimes it’s due to boring tasks, a lack of opportunities for skill development, or the company’s inability to meet their personal needs.

Parents spend big money on growth hormones to increase children’s height

Many Vietnamese parents are taking their children to hospitals and asking doctors to inject their children with the "most effective and most expensive drugs" to help them obtain the highest possible height.

Pursuing healthy lifestyles popular among Vietnam’s youth

More young people in Vietnam are following an active lifestyle and healthy diet to maintain their health.

Relieve stress and fatigue with green tea

Green tea with ECGC compound and vitamin C added will quench thirst but also helps young people relieve stress, cool down their lives over exploration trips.

HCM City people enjoy ‘coffee on the ground’

Many people in HCM City have returned to drinking coffee on the ground after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young woman's green lifestyle: reusing and recycling waste

Not only does Quan Ai Nhu, 31, reuse almost every item many people usually throw out, but she also asks for and picks up trash from others to recycle.

Young people ready to pay for “virtual living” classes

Classes teaching posing, photography and visual skills are attracting many young people. A 10-lesson course is VND3.5 million, while studying alone costs VND900,000.

Young people live in tiny spaces in HCM City to save money

Many young people have accepted to live in cramped conditions to save money in the central area of HCM City.

Expensive hobby: insects raised as pets

A number of young people have spent tens of millions of dong to buy or raise imported insects who have become their pets.

Young people reduce spending amid escalating prices

Cutting spending on eating out and going to cafés, restricting travel and spending less money on beauty services are all being done now to weather the price storm in Vietnam.

Gas stations rise to prominence as sites for classy photo shoots

Many young people are turning to roadside petrol stations as a preferred picture location.