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Riding bikes, sailing SUP, going paragliding in Hanoi

People can have a wonderful Lunar New Year holiday in Hanoi doing the following activities:


Going paragliding in Bu Hill, Chuong My: observing Hanoi at a height of seven hundred meters

Bu Hill in Nui Be Hamlet, Nam Phuong Tien Commune, Chuong My District, Hanoi is currently a favorite destination for young adults who love extreme sports. The starting point is at the height of 655 meters, with gentle hillsides and perfect wind conditions for paragliding.

During these days, hillsides are full of white reed grasses. Travelers can paraglide and look at reed grass fields below.

It costs a visitor 1200000 VND for 15 to 30 minutes (not including traveling fees, food…). Tourists are provided with vehicles, protective equipment, water, pictures and videos from their trip, and insurance.

Travelers can sign up to join in qualified clubs such as Mebayluon Paragliding, Vietwings Hanoi, Hanoi Paragliding.  Signing up at least five days in advance will be an advantage.

Đạp xe, chèo SUP, bay dù: Loạt tour 'ăn chơi xả hơi' kì nghỉ Tết Dương lịch ở Hà Nội


Đạp xe, chèo SUP, bay dù: Loạt tour 'ăn chơi xả hơi' kì nghỉ Tết Dương lịch ở Hà Nội


Sailing SUP on Red River: Extreme but stunning experience

During the Covid-19 pandemic, sailing SUP on Red River for sightseeing attracts many visitors. You can ask a club in Hanoi for help at a price of 650,000 VND for half a day, including hiring SUP fee, a tour guide, food, vehicles for travelling, and travel insurance.

Before the trip, tourists will learn how to use tools and deal with some scenarios. They are asked to wear life jackets and leashes to make the journey safer and enjoyable. At some places in Hanoi (29 Nguyen Dinh Thi Street, 45 Ve Ho Street), it costs at least 150,000 VND per SUP for half a day.

Đạp xe, chèo SUP, bay dù: Loạt tour 'ăn chơi xả hơi' kì nghỉ Tết Dương lịch ở Hà Nội


Riding bikes to explore Hanoi

The guide will choose the most suitable bike for each person. They will observe a completely different version of Hanoi: green alluvial area under Long Bien Bridge, tea party on the banks of Red River, ancient temples in Dong Ngac…

A tour around Hanoi costs 1.3 million VND per person. Tourists who want to join in the tour must make sure that they have been vaccinated twice and follow protective measures against Covid-19.

Đạp xe, chèo SUP, bay dù: Loạt tour 'ăn chơi xả hơi' kì nghỉ Tết Dương lịch ở Hà Nội


Đạp xe, chèo SUP, bay dù: Loạt tour 'ăn chơi xả hơi' kì nghỉ Tết Dương lịch ở Hà Nội



Camping is a safe option for travelers in New Year holiday in 2022. Places that are vast will be an ideal destination for this activity. These includes Ba Vi National Park, Dong Mo Lake, Ham Lon Lake, Long Ho Bay… Currently, tourists can hire tents, food, cooking utensils at the camping sites or can rent them in the city.

Travelers can go trekking, sail a kayak on the lake, or just simply gather around with friends and escape from hectic city life.

Đạp xe, chèo SUP, bay dù: Loạt tour 'ăn chơi xả hơi' kì nghỉ Tết Dương lịch ở Hà Nội


Minh Khoi

Eight reasons why foreign tourists ‘fall in love’ with Hanoi

Eight reasons why foreign tourists ‘fall in love’ with Hanoi

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Big customers to buy electricity directly from generators

Market cap of 10 State-owned firms expected at US$5 billion each by 2025

The Government has set a target that at least 25 State-owned enterprises will have a market capitalization of over US$1 billion each by 2025, including a minimum of ten firms with a market cap of over US$5 billion each.


European Film Festival in Vietnam to take place in four localities


Five golds for Vietnam in SEA Games 31’s athletics

Microplastic pollution found in Da Nang air

Microplastic pollution in the air in both inner and suburban areas of the central city of Da Nang has become serious. Microplastics can go directly into the lungs during daily activities.

State Securities Commission prioritises stabilising solutions for stock market

The State Securities Commission (SSC) is closely monitoring the developments of the economic - political situation, assessing the influence on Viet...

Local aviation market sees strong recovery

The aviation market in Vietnam is vibrant and recovering with the number of international visitors increasing five-fold, according to experts.

Vietnamese PM receives leaders of US companies in New York

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh received executives of Warburg Pincus and Glenfarne Group in New York on May 15, part of his working visit to the US and the UN.

Digital transformation: action and breakthrough results

During the time supply chains were disrupted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam's wood and furniture industry still maintained its market share and even surpassed rivals to become the largest wood exporter to the US.

Keeping CPI below 4 pct this year a challenge for VN: Economist

It will be a challenge to keep Consumer Price Index (CPI) growth under 4 percent this year, according to an economist.

Vietnam currently tops SEA Games 31 medal tally

Vietnam is standing atop the SEA Games 31 medal tally with 68 golds, leaving second-placed Thailand far behind.

Five bodybuilding gold medals for Vietnam at SEA Games 31

Vietnam reaped a total of five gold medals among the 10 bodybuilding categories at the ongoing 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) after competitions of this sport wrapped up on May 15.

Hanoi should learn lessons from the past in urban planning

Hanoi has announced the master plan for the Red River urban area, with a scale of 1/5000.

Mechanical engineering companies fail to conquer US$300 billion home market

The Vietnamese mechanical engineering product market is estimated to have huge value of $300 billion, but local companies have only a small market share.

Tightening control over ETC service providers

The Ministry of Transport has failed to ensure the progress of the application of the nonstop electronic toll collection (ETC) service as required by the Government and is hurriedly boosting attaching ETC tags on vehicles.