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School fees of Hanoi’s international schools up to over VND700 million/year

In the upcoming school year, the tuition fees of international schools in Hanoi have increased compared to previous years. The highest tuition fee is up to VND700 million (about $34,000)/year.

United Nations International School Hanoi (UNIS)

The United Nations International School Hanoi (UNIS) divides tuition fees by level from preschool to high school. All students are required to pay a mandatory fee to reserve their place at the school for the next school year of $1,000. This fee is mandatory and is not refundable or transferable if the student does not study at the school. When the student is officially enrolled, this amount will be deducted from the tuition fee in the first year.

The lowest school fee is $12,570 for the preschool level. The highest tuition fee is for grade 11-12 with $30,880. If parents do not make a one-time payment but pay by semester, an additional 4% administrative fee will be charged.

In addition, there is a bus fee of $1,100/year, and fee for lunch, picnic, sports events, field trips depending on grade.

Compared to the 2020 school year, the tuition fee for the new school year will increase by about 4% for all grades, equivalent to about $1,000.

French International School (LFAY)

In 2021-2022, the school's tuition fees fluctuate between 3,940 - 7,730 euros.

In addition, there is a registration fee of 400 euros for students of French nationality, 1,000 euros for students of other nationalities and the first registration fee of 150 euros. Lunch service is about 490 – 530 euros/year for preschool and primary school age.

For high school students, a full-course meal costs VND 95,000 and a quick meal costs VND 75,000.

Hanoi International School (HIS)

To be admitted to the Hanoi International School (HIS), students must pass an English proficiency test. The entrance examination fee is 4.5 million VND. In addition, the registration fee to the school is 24 million VND. This will be refunded by 50% if the student does not enroll or cover the enrollment fee if the student enrolls.

Parents can choose to pay tuition for the whole year or quarterly. However, paying tuition for the whole year will help them save 396 million VND at preschool level and 636 million VND for grades 11-12. Parents can pay other fees according to their needs such as lunch, extracurricular activities, music study, sports and fieldwork activities.

Japan International School (JIS)

Before enrolling, parents will pay fixed fees such as an enrollment fee of 5 million VND along with the admission application; enrollment registration fee of 25 million VND, paid once for the entire study period at the school; and 20 million VND deposit fee. The deposit fee is only refunded when the student graduates from high school or when the student leaves school, provided that the parents have to send written notice to the school at least 2 months in advance.

Tuition fees will increase gradually along with levels of study, with the lowest as the bilingual program kindergarten class with 95 million VND/year and the highest as grade 10-12 of the Japanese International Program with 266 million VND/year.

British Vietnamese International School Hanoi (BVIS)

When submitting an application, parents need to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of 3.5 million VND. After students receive the enrollment invitation letter, parents pay an additional enrollment fee of VND 70.8 million. This fee is paid once to reserve a place for a student at the school.

Tuition fees are paid annually, increasing by grade, of which the lowest is 212.8 million VND for preschool and the highest is 519.3 million VND for 12th grade.

International School of ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH)

Before entering the school, students will undergo an entrance test to assess English language, Math, Thinking and Reasoning. The enrollment fee is 3.7 million VND, the registration fee is 18.65 million VND for preschool students and 37.3 million VND for the higher grades.

In addition, parents have to pay a school construction fee of VND 46.6 million, a deposit of VND 35 million (this amount will be refunded when the student leaves the school).

In the 2021-2022 school year, the school collects 295.3 million VND of tuition fees for preschool students. The highest tuition fee is VND 533.6 million VND for grade 10.

Other expenses such as bus fare, lunch, and extracurricular activities will be calculated according to the needs of each student.

Singapore International School (SIS)

At Singapore International School (SIS), parents can pay the full tuition fee by the school year or by module out of a total of four modules.

Depending on the program, students have to pay tuition fees and a number of different fees. For the international SIS program, the tuition fee (VND418.5 to VND524 million) is twice that of the bilingual SIS program (VND231.5 to VND263.5 million). Other fees such as transportation, insurance, uniforms and school tools, students have to pay themselves.

St. Paul American School Hanoi

For admission to this school, students must pass a competency assessment including English (4 skills), Math and submit their academic results in the three latest years plus the letter of recommendation of their current schools.

The admission fee is 22.1 million VND, which can be paid with the tuition fee. Other fees such as bus, lunch, extracurricular activities will be charged for each class.

Tuition fee for the academic year 2021-2022 is VND394.85 million for kindergarten (the lowest) and VND658.77 million for grades 9-12.

Horizon International Bilingual School (HIBS)

Tuition for bilingual programs is about 100 million VND lower than international programs, depending on the level of study. Parents can choose to pay tuition by year, by term or by quarter.

Specifically, with the bilingual program, the tuition fee for primary school is 222.6 million VND/year; lower secondary VND 242.98 million/year; high school VND262.12 million/year.

With the international program, the tuition fee for primary school is VND337,726 million/year; lower secondary VND362,564 million/year; high school VND383,996 million/year.

In addition to the tuition fee, parents will pay admission fee of VND25 million, entrance examination fee of VND1.2 million, testing fee of VND2.5 million, technology fee of VND2.9 million, tablet of VND8.8 million, and online study fees from VND1.9 to VND5.9 million.

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