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It is not easy to attract talents to schools for the gifted.

Education Ministry wants to develop private high schools for the gifted

Affirming the preeminence of the system of high schools for the gifted, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has asked localities to build policies to develop private schools of this kind.

In Vietnam, ‘schools for the gifted’ mean 'schools for the rich’?

Whether to maintain schools for the gifted is an annual topic of discussion among many parents.

Are Vietnamese students too "excellent"?

Prof Van Nhu Cuong, a renowned educator, finds it surprising that thousands of primary school graduates got a perfect 10/10 score from the year-end Vietnamese language and math exams. 

Schools for the gifted want new enrollment policy

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has been urged to apply a special policy to encourage students to join national teams to attend international competitions. 

Vietnam cultivates talented students with ‘skimming’ method

Vietnam has a large system of schools for the gifted where the best students receive special education designed for them. However, experts believe that the ‘skimming’ method, or ‘training fighting cocks’, is no longer suitable.

Are schools for the gifted really needed?

In Vietnam, many students go to the schools just because they want to have better learning conditions which help them pass the entrance exams to universities.