Bac Ninh People’s Council last year released Resolution No 2 on Bac Ninh High School for the Gifted, eight key secondary schools, teachers, specialists, and students attending training courses preparing for competitions at provincial, national, regional and international levels.

The resolution said that teachers with doctorates and professors and associate professors teaching at Bac Ninh High School for the Gifted can receive financial support of VND100-220 million.

If the teachers are from other cities or provinces and commit to teach at Bac Ninh High School for the Gifted for at least 10 years, they will receive financial support of VND1 billion for housing. The amount of money is equal to the value of one social housing product in Bac Ninh City with an area of 70 sq m.

The resolution took effect on August 1, 2021.

According to Nguyen Huy Phu from Bac Ninh Education and Training Department, Resolution No2 inherited the policy on attracting talents shown in the old resolution, and offered preferences to two teachers with doctorates who were recruited before the resolution was released.

Meanwhile, there have been no new candidates so far.

“We have not attracted any new candidate since August 2021, partially because of Covid-19,” he said.

No candidate with a professor or associate professor title has contacted the education and training department. Meanwhile, some individuals with a doctorate who are teaching at vocational schools contacted the department, but they eventually withdrew.

Phu said that the department has been looking for talents through many different channels, including the introduction of former students, but the results have been below expectations.

In general, people with a professor title focus on research at universities rather than teaching at general schools. Meanwhile, some people with a doctorate find the offered preferences attractive, but they may have worries about changes in the living and working environment.

Phu said that the success in attracting talents depends on many factors, not just financial support and wages.

“Those who live in other provinces will have to think carefully if they have to move to Bac Ninh,” he explained. “I think the policy would be suitable to young talents, who plan to settle down in Bac Ninh.”

Nguyen Nho Hoa, Headmaster of Bac Ninh High School for the Gifted, said it’s not easy to attract talents.

“Those with high qualifications and experiences always have many choices and the offer of VND1 billion in financial support is nothing to them,” he said. 

Thanh Hung

Do schools for the gifted need professors or just normal high school teachers?

Do schools for the gifted need professors or just normal high school teachers?

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