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Are Vietnam’s e-commerce platforms inferior to foreign competitors?

Some reports show that Shopee has left its rivals far behind, and that Tiki is competing equally with Lazada, while Sendo is in the fourth position.

Vietnam's e-commerce platforms Tiki, Sendo apply for merger

The merger will make the race in the e-commerce market more exciting.

E-commerce top players shrink to three

The e-commerce market is expected to witness competition between Tiki-Sendo, Shopee and Lazada, after Tiki and Sendo join under the same roof, slated for this year.

Dual lightning strikes to turn Vietnam’s e-commerce equilibrium upside down

The e-commerce market is looking at two high-calibre developments with the merger of Tiki and Sendo and the entry of heavyweight competitor Facebook. 

Proposal to halt M&A a question of fine balance

Just a few days ago, Tiki and Sendo struck a hundred-million dollar deal that could redraw the landscape of the entire e-commerce industry,

Will Vietnamese e-commerce platforms Tiki and Sendo soon merge?

Following the hottest M&A retail deal of Vingroup and Masan in early 2020, the merger of Tiki and Sendo is expected to make the competition in e-commerce industry fiercer.

VN e-commerce and fintech firms successfully call for huge capital in 2019

E-commerce and fintechs accounted for four-fifths of the total number of big calls for capital in 2019. The biggest deal was worth $300 million.

Vietnam’s e-commerce firms spend big money to fight foreign giants

If Tiki and Sendo successfully carry out the merger, the Vietnamese e-commerce market will be the playing field for three major players. Two of them, Lazada and Shopee, are foreign invested.

Tech companies looking global

Local tech platforms and startups aim to take on the world but doing so won't be easy.

Tiki-Sendo speculation piques sector interest

An expected co-operation deal between Tiki and Sendo has surprised the merger and acquisition arena in Vietnam, coming hot off the heels of the announced partnership between Vingroup and Masan late last year. 

Vietnam: Fastest-growing digital economy in Asia-Pacific

The digital sector is expected to contribute 30% to Vietnam's economy by 2030.

Year-end promotions heat up Vietnam's e-commerce market

The year-end online shopping frenzy has kicked off with giant local and foreign players like Lazada, Tiki, Sendo, and Shopee rolling out promotions since the middle of last month.

Multi-billion dollar capital flows to e-commerce in Vietnam

The multi-billion dollar capital flow which went to India and helped the country build decacorns (startups with value of over $10 billion) and unicorns (over $1 billion) in e-commerce, is now heading for Vietnam.

Lazada and Tiki fall further behind e-commerce competition

Despite non-stop spending, Lazada remains overwhelmed by local platforms Sendo and Mobile World, in addition to other players Shopee and Tiki.

Five Vietnamese companies among ten most visited e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia

Five Vietnamese e-commerce platforms were named among ten most visited sites in Southeast Asia in the first half of this year.

Vietnam's top five e-commerce platforms in Q2 announced: iPrice

Sendo, for the first time, was listed as one of the four most visited ecommerce platforms in the second quarter of 2019, according to data from iPrice Insights’ map of ecommerce.