Phuong Vy, an office worker in Binh Tan district, HCM City, goes shopping only once a week. She has access to a website of supermarkets, choosing rice, noodle, milk and fresh food for one-week use, registering delivery time and clicking the mouse to complete the orders.



“Most supermarkets provide shopping service,” she explained. "You do not have to go to public places and avoid gatherings,” she said, adding that the service fee is reasonable.

Not only providing fresh food, many online shops also provide preliminarily treated or finished food as per clients’ orders.

Le Mai, the owner of Dichogiupban Facebook page, said she buys fresh food every day, processes it, and then delivers to customers. Food is stored in an insulated container with ice to ensure freshness for a certain period of time.

As the Covid-19 epidemic has been escalating, more people are buying things online or using shopping serviced.

Asked about the number of orders and service fee, Mai said she is very busy and though the service fee is ‘a little bit high’, she still gets many orders every day.

Many supermarkets and food shops in HCM City said they have seen more online sales via websites and apps.

They lists goods shown with images and quote prices. Buyers just need to order and make payment with ATM and Visa cards, and e-wallets, or pay cash on delivery.

As the demand has soared, some shops have become overloaded with orders. On March 15, when reporters called Bach Hoa Xanh, the deliverymen said customers will have to wait 3-4 days to get deliveries.

According to LOTTE Mart, the number of online orders and orders via website and Speed L app has increased by 150-200 percent. Saigon Co-op reported that orders via telephones and website has risen by 10 times.

Lottemart, Satra, Co-op Mart, Big C, Bach Hoa Xanh, Di Cho Nhanh, Di Cho Dum Bam and Now Fresh are the best known names for such services.

Individuals also via Facebook and Zalo provide shopping services and deliver food for dinner at the door. However, their clients are mostly relatives and those who have relations with them. The number of current clients is modest because of the lack of information about food safety.

The Domestic Market Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) reported that because of the fear of the epidemic, sales at traditional markets have decreased by 20-30 percent. People are buying food at supermarkets or shop online. 

Le Ha

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