Update news e-commerce

The rapid growth in e-commerce is driving an unprecedented increase in demand for logistics services, including express delivery services, according to industry insiders.

Bad vendors put e-commerce at risk

Smuggled, counterfeit and low-quality products have begun to spread rapidly on e-commerce platforms as the absence of physical product touch in online shopping puts buyers at a disadvantage.

Vietnamese e-commerce likely to reach US$39 billion by 2025

Vietnam’s e-commerce market has recorded strong growth over the years and is likely to bring in US$39 billion in value by 2025, according to data released by the German market research firm Statista.

Fintech, e-commerce remain magnets for venture capital

Fintech and e-commerce accounted for 70 percent of total venture capital in the country last year, and this trend is predicted to continue in 2022.

E-wallets: new competition emerges amid pandemic

Scanning a code to pay for products and services has become popular among consumers in Vietnam’s big cities. Under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, non-cash payments have been growing rapidly.

Vietnam launches its pavilion on Alibaba

The Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency on March 18 announced cooperation with Alibaba to open the Vietnam Pavilion on the e-commerce platform within one year since this March. 

E-wallets need 'sandbox' to boom

There are about 40 e-wallets for 97 million people. Vietnam, a market with nearly 100 million people, a part of the Southeast Asian market with 700 million people and dominated by cash payments, is attractive to big players.


Vietnam's e-commerce startup gets $2.6 million investment

Startup Selly, Vietnam's social commerce model, has raised $2.6 million in a Pre-Series A funding round from investment funds CyberAgent Capital, Do Ventures, Genesia Ventures, JAFCO Asia and KVision.

Vietnamese broom wins the hearts of American housewives

The simple cleaning tools made by Vietnamese craftsmen are popular in the United States for their usefulness.

Vietnamese businesses aim at omni-channel sales, digital transformation

To ensure business operations in the new normal period, omnichannel sales and digital transformation have become the keywords of Vietnamese businesses.

Millions of farmers learn how to do business on e-commerce platforms

Under a plan of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), 100 percent of farming households on e-commerce platforms in 2022 will be trained in digital skills and doing business on e-marketplaces.

Online retail popular in pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has created the right conditions for online retail selling and the year 2021 saw a strong growth for many essential and even some luxury items. 

Foreign e-commerce platforms in Vietnam must be registered

The new regulation in Decree 85 of the Government amends and supplements a number of articles of Decree No. 52 dated May 16, 2013 on ecommerce.

Online wholesale markets: Solution for goods circulation

If there is a nationwide B2B wholesale trading floor for domestic agricultural products, the supply chain of agricultural products will not be disrupted, even in the time of an epidemic.


Vietnam should redefine scope and scale of the digital economy

The current method of calculating the scale of the digital economy only reaches the core, while digital transformation is spreading strongly into many industries and fields.

Vietnam e-commerce has successful year despite pandemic

Experts say that with the growth in both the total value of goods and the number of users, Vietnam's e-commerce had a successful year, according to a report from Lazada.

14 Vietnamese products are sold on Amazon every minute

In 2021, 14 Vietnamese products, ranging from rice paper to dry vermicelli to coffee to ceramics, were sold on Amazon every minute.

Increasing tax evasion in e-commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a boom in e-commerce in Vietnam since consumers shift their spending habits towards online platforms. However, as online sales continue to grow, so does tax evasion.

E-commerce - important pillar of Vietnam’s digital economic development

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking place around the world with a boom in digital technology, creating great opportunities for but also challenges to the development of each country, enterprise, and person.

Vietnamese e-commerce startup raises millions of US dollars

On, a startup operating in the field of e-commerce (e-commerce) in Vietnam, has raised US$ 1.1 million in a seed round, according to TechinAsia.