Broken ceramics, old helmets and phone cases that have been thrown away, and even sticks and plastic bottles are all priceless materials for a silhouette sculpture by young artist Bui Van Tu. The sculpture is named ‘Mother Earth’, which conveys a message of a greener lifestyle.

His process includes selecting materials, cleaning them up, making a plinth, arranging the materials and adjusting the light. Going through these meticulous steps, this seemingly useless garbage is transformed into sophisticated artworks that wow many people.

Bui Van Tu started experimenting in silhouette sculpting as a student. From his first work of this kind in 2014, he has added 14 more silhouette sculptures to his collection.

Silhouette sculpting may be familiar to many art lovers. However, what makes Bui Van Tu’s works rather unique is the adoption of garbage as materials. By doing so, he not only creates breath-taking artworks, but also effectively spreads a message of environmental protection./.VNA