Cancer vaccines to be brought to Vietnam

 Vietnam will receive cancer vaccines from Japan in the near future, Prof Ta Thanh Van, Rector of the Ha Noi Medical University (HMU) told Lao Động (Labour) newspaper.

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Cancer vaccines to be brought to Vietnam
Patients at the K (Cancer) hospital in Hanoi. — Photo

The vaccine, which is said to be capable of treating existing cancer, is a key part of the university’s cancer prevention research to be deployed.

Antigens from the tumour of the patients would be taken out and processed, then brought back to the patients’ bodies to stimulate the creation of antibodies, he explained.

Van said cancer vaccines had already been applied in some hospitals in Japan and proved effective against several types of cancer.


The HMU would launch the vaccines in Vietnam after receiving approval from the Ministry of Health, he added.

More than 300,000 Vietnamese patients are struggling with cancer, according to Director of the Viet Nam National Cancer Hospital (Hospital K) Tran Van Thuan.

In addition, about 165,000 new cases of cancer and 115,000 deaths due to the disease are reported in Viet Nam annually.Each year, Vietnamese people spent some US$2 billion on medical treatment, mostly on cancer, in foreign countries.


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