Chinese drug trafficker arrested in Mong Cai

Police in Mong Cai have arrested a Chinese national after he illegally entered Vietnam in possession of drugs.

Chinese drug trafficker arrested in Mong Cai

Chinese suspect Mo Jia Hua

Following his arrest, the man was identified as Mo Jia Hua, 28, of Kweilin city, Guangxi, China.

Upon questioning the man, police discovered he has entered Vietnam illegally on a number of previous occasions. They discovered that he regularly travels to Bac Son commune and Mong Cai city.

Police were able to discover Mo Jia Hua’s activities following a tip off from a private source. Following this, the police apprehend the suspect red-handed as he arrived at the Hong Van hotel.


After conducting a search of the suspect, police seized two small nylon bags which contained a total of 300 grams of white powder.

When questioned at the police station, Mo Jia Hua came clean and admitted to his criminal acts.

The case is currently under further investigation.


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