Driver training quality in Vietnam to be improved

The Ministry of Transport will add several regulations regarding the use of IT in managing and supervising automobile driver training centres to improve training quality.

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Driver training quality in Vietnam to be improved
Trainees during a practical session at a driver training centre. — VNA/VNS Photo Ngoc Minh

The centres will have more equipment to supervise the theory and practical sections of the course.

The data will be transferred to the Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam (DRVN) and departments of transport for analysis.

Centres which do not adhere to the regulations will have their permits withdrawn, based on Decree 46 issued in 2016.

The DRVN added more regulations to the draft amended Circular 12, including the increase in theory questions from 450 to 600 in order to increase the trainees’ knowledge on the Law on Road Traffic.

Le Van Dai, director of the vocational training centre of the HCM City Transport Corporation of Cars No 2, said the questions would be short and clear to help the trainees understand and answer questions more easily, and trainers could answer by choosing “right” or “wrong”.

“The changes aim at improving real driving situations and drivers’ capacity,” said Dai.

Luong Duyen Thong, director of the Department of Vehicles and Driver Management under the DRVN, said all the questions would test drivers’ ability to cope with real driving situations and awareness of present laws. The set of questions will include more about circumstances leading to serious accidents.


Ten out of 100 questions will be specific. If the drivers answer the 10 questions incorrectly, they will fail the test.

The set of questions has been completed and approved by the Ministry of Transport.

It is expected that the set of questions will be issued by the end of this month. Then it will be sent to departments of transport and driver training centres. Trainees will start to study the new set of questions in at least three months.

The draft amended Decree 65 says driver training centres must install software to update the necessary information and manage teachers and vehicles for practice periods.

Dai said the investment could put a burden on training centres because the equipment could cost billions of đồng (VND1 billion equals US$43,400). However, Dai said the problem could be resolved by increasing fees for students.

The State should also set up a detailed plan so that training centres have time to prepare their investment.

Thong said the DRVN would develop more softwares to deal with traffic circumstances to support drivers.


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