Hanoi to launch four new CNG-fueled bus routes in 2019

Hanoi's authorities have approved the plan to launch four new routes with buses fuelled by compressed natural gas (CNG) in the city in 2019.

Hanoi to launch four new CNG-fueled bus routes in 2019
Hanoi launches four new routes operated by CNG-fueled bus in 2019.

The four routes, using 30-seat buses, will be subsidized and operated in densely-populated areas to reduce traffic congestion and minimize pollution in Hanoi.

These routes include Line 1: Kim Lu (Soc Son) - Nam Thang Long with a distance of 31.3 km, Line 2: Cau Giay - Tam Hiep (Thanh Tri) with a length of 16 km, Line 3: Nhon - Tho An (21 km), and Line 4: Yen Nghia bus station - Hoai Duc (34 km).

These routes run through areas with high population density and vehicle concentration which need to minimize engine noise and gas pollution. The CNG buses will contribute to creating a friendly image of buses among the city's residents.

On July 27, 2018, local media quoted Deputy Director of Hanoi Center for Urban Transport Management and Control Thai Ho Phuong as saying that CNG is a natural gas with major component of methane (CH4), derived from natural gas deposits, processed and compressed at high pressure for storage.

Due to the absence of benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, the gas does not emit dust but releases only a little of toxic gas (SO2, NO2, CO, etc.). Therefore, CNG does not adversely affect humans’ health and the environment, Phuong said.


In addition, CNG is compressed air, thus, if an accident occurs, the leakage of CNG will not be harmful to the environment as some types of gasoline, oil or other liquid fuel, Phuong added.

CNG has some other advantages, such as the price is 10% - 30% cheaper than other types of fuel. Compared with FO, DO and LPG, CNG is 10-15% cheaper for production and 30-40% cheaper for transportation. Therefore, this clean fuel will help to reduce fuel costs, Phuong stressed.

He cited scientific calculations as saying that the price of 1 ton of CNG is about US$318, only equal to 53.5% of gasoline price and 42% of oil price. Each CNG-fueled bus will save US$8,308 in fuel costs per year compared to diesel-fueled ones, Phuong affirmed.

On August 1, 2018, two first bus routes using clean fuel (CNG 01, CNG 03) were officially put into operation.

The CNG buses are equipped with full facilities such as free Wi-Fi, information display LED and surveillance cameras. The use of clean fuels in transportation should be further replicated to reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen The Hung stressed. Hanoitimes

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