More tourist complain of cyclo drivers ripping them off

Police are investigating allegations two tourists were ripped off by cyclo drivers.

More tourist complain of cyclo drivers ripping them off

Two Philippine tourists to take a selfie photo before they were overcharged for journey. — Photo provided by District 3 Police

The Philippine visitors claim they were charged VNĐ1.7 million (US$74) for a journey that would normal cost a fraction of that price.

They complained to District 3’s Criminal Investigation Police team in HCM City who identified the xích lô (cyclo) drivers and brought them in for questioning.

The two drivers, Tran Quy Vinh and Sam Van Dung, both 47, are accused of snatching money from the tourists when they opened their purse, claiming the fares cost more.

HCM City police department will coordinate with District 3 police to further investigate the incident.

Last month, an elderly visitor from Japan was scammed out of cash by another cyclo driver.


Oki Toshiyuki, 83, was charged VNĐ2.9 million ($125) for a 5-minute journey while the cost should have been about VNĐ100,000 ($4) per person per hour.

Such incidents have damaged the reputation of HCM City and the whole country.

Despite the city’s tourism department bringing in young volunteers to help guide and support tourists, overcharging still remains a major concern.

In the first six months of this year, as many as 2,650 cases of tourists being hassled by taxi and cyclo drivers, beggars and street vendors have been reported.

The number last year was more than 8,000 cases. — VNS

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