Police bust hi-tech exam cheating case in Hanoi

The police in Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, has discovered and seized many mini earbuds and cameras used for cheating in exams.


Dang Cong Bao and Nguyen The Manh, both born in 1996, are the leaders. At their apartments, the police found hundreds of mini earbuds and cameras.

Manh said he didn't have a stable job so when Bao told him that exam cheating equipment sold for huge money, they started working together since late 2018. They imported mini equipment from China at the price of VND400,000(USD17) to VND1.6m per item and sold for those in need at a double or triple prices.

Manh said the mini earbuds that look like a pea cannot be detected and students can use them when they take any kinds of exams. A pair of mini earbuds is sold for VND2.5m to VND3m. Mini cameras that look like a button or a pen were popular during the exam seasons. Even on normal days, they can still sell several items daily.

Each month, the pair earns VND20m to VND30m in profit.

The police are expanding the investigation. Dtinews

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