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Agribank had the most personnel, with 41,000 officers as of June 30, 2023.

If counting other workers at Agribank and thousands of workers at unlisted banks, the total number of workers at holding banks would be 280,000.

However, Agribank has not released its fourth-quarter financial report, so there have been no official statistics about the bank staff.

Of 27 listed banks, BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam) has the highest number of staff, 27,176, a sharp increase compared with the 1,445 last year.

Vietcombank and VietinBank were far behind. As of December 31, 2023, 22,742 employees worked for Vietcombank, up 877 employees over the end of 2022, while the number was 22,333 for VietinBank (down 500).

These three banks are state owned and are listed among the ‘big four’, so they have large numbers of staff.

The top 10 banks with the highest number of staff include Sacombank (17,412), VPBank (13,559), ACB (13,224), VIBBank (11,799), Techcombank (10,828), LPBank (10,627) and MB (10,841).

Reports show that 20 out of 27 listed banks recruited more employees last year.

VIB and BIDV increased staff by 1,859 and 1,445, respectively. 

The other banks that also upsized their staff were HDBank (+ 972), Vietcombank (+ 877), OCB (+ 770), NamABank (+ 770), ACB (+ 620) and Eximbank (+ 601).

Meanwhile, seven banks cut their personnel in 2023, including LPBank, TPBank, Techcombank, VietinBank, ABBank, NCB and MSB.

The sharpest cuts were reported for LPBank whose staff numbers fell by 1,576, TPBank (- 747), Techcombank (- 717) and VietinBank (- 546).

Most of the banks with the biggest changes were large banks. The necessity of cutting operation costs in the current difficult period was the primary reason.

However, despite cuts, LPBank, VietinBank and Techcombank are still in the top 10 banks with the most staff. Six out of seven banks cut their workforce, but increased officers’ incomes in 2023.

The average income of LPBank officers in 2023 rose by VND5 million a month over 2022 to VND22 million per person, while TPBank was up by VND4.58 million to VND36.68 million.

Tuan Nguyen