son doong and va caves introduced in planet earth documentary series picture 1
Son Doong cave (Source: Oxalis Adventure)

Nguyen Chau, general director of Oxalis Adventure Tours, made the statement before the Planet Earth III episode “Extremes”, which officially premiered across the United States, Canada, and around the world in early December.

Previously, the episode was shown on the evening of November 26 on the British TV channel BBC One. Oxalis Adventure travel firm is the unit which was placed in charge of all logistics activities for the BBC film crew as they carried out the Planet Earth III project at Son Doong cave.

The Planet Earth’s film crew brought a ton of equipment to Son Doong in order to take excellent footage of the country’s natural beauty site.

The Oxalis representative said the production of the show at the location will further contribute to elevating the image of Vietnamese tourism to the world.

With regard to Planet Earth III, David Attenborough, a renowned English broadcaster, writer, and naturalist, emphasised that in a rapidly changing world, these could be the Earth's greatest natural wonders that people never see again. He went on to reveal the extraordinary survival methods that animals use to fight for survive in this harsh world. 

He also shared that in the deepest part of Son Doong cave, which is the largest cave in the world and also one of the world's greatest natural wonders, white blind fish are found in puddles and miraculously survive thanks to food sources from the forest above.

Source: VOV