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He currently lives in HCM City, surprising many people with his knowledge of all the roads in Vietnam and culinary hobbies.

After work at an import-export company, he arrives home, takes off his business shirt and puts on his motorcycle armor, ready to set off at any time.

He has close relations with motor clubs in Vietnam because he has participated in nearly all exchange trips over the last 15 years. The images on social networks all show him in motor armor at different places in Vietnam and other countries.

 “I began riding motorbikes when I was 14. Our country, Sri Lanka, is a small island and there are not many large roads for motorbike race. When I first came to Vietnam, I was 

 impressed by the beautiful landscapes and winding mountainous passes,” he said.

Raj decided to stay in Vietnam and considers the country as his second home. 

In Vietnam, he is called ‘Mr Monster’ because his friends believe he is very healthy and always ready to set off somewhere. His driving skills are very professional.

At first, Raj drove Dealim Magna 125cc. When his skills improved, he used models with higher cylinder capacity, including Magma 125cc, Suzuki 400cc, Honda Steed 400cc to Harley-Davidson V-rod Muscle, Harley-Davidson Road-King, Honda CB650R, Ducati Hyper Mortard 950, and BMW Motorrad R1250 GS HP now.

Raj said he cannot say which motorbike is the best, because it depends on road conditions and style. He loves Harley-Davidson, but sometimes longs to ride Ducati and wants to own a BMW Motorrad.

He is now riding a BMW Motorrad R1250 GS HP because he likes the powerful engine and the off-road design which allows to ride in different road conditions.

Raj said he has had many impressive journeys. He once rode from HCM City to Hanoi and returned in several days with just one overnight stay. He drove his motorbike from HCM City to Da Nang in 13 hours.

“It sounds crazy, but I did it,” he said. 

Dinh Quy