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American YouTuber loves Vietnam’s grilled fish

One recent day, at a restaurant on Giang Vo street in Hanoi, an American YouTuber with 10 million followers ordered three servings of Cha ca La Vong (La Vong grilled fish) with shrimp paste and crispy fried fish rolls.

HCM City hospital opens traditional medicine class for foreigners

The HCM City Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy Institute has opened a class for nine French students to introduce the uniqueness of Vietnamese traditional medicine.

Competition launched for foreign singer-songwriters in Vietnam

The Tinh Ting Tinh contest is open to local contestants, foreigners living in Vietnam, and overseas Vietnamese between the ages of 16 and 45.

High-quality overseas labour keen on Vietnam shift

Vietnam’s promising economic factors could lead to more foreign workers and overseas Vietnamese entering the country to live and work.

South Korean teacher wants to teach Vietnamese students as a dear mother

For the past six years, Lydia Park has nurtured unique feelings toward her Vietnamese students in the Autumn Meeting cinema project, where she gives lectures on acting.

Procedures to be streamlined to grant work permits to foreigners in Vietnam

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has been assigned to urgently gather public opinions and streamline procedures for granting work permits to foreign nationals working in Vietnam.

Making people smile is an achievement: British photographer

Looking at mesmerising photos of landscapes and people in Hanoi by British photographer Marcus Lacey, people may think he has been living here for many years.

Work permit issuance rules for foreigners likely to be streamlined

The Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs has proposed allowing its provincial agencies to issue work permits for foreigners, a procedure which is believed to make employers more comfortable.

Ukrainian woman happy with new life, her TikTok clips attract millions of likes

Her videos on TikTok that have attracted millions of likes indicate that Stadnyk Elizabeth of Ukraine and her Vietnamese husband and children are leading happy lives after leaving Ukraine.

Cycling from France to Vietnam to improve education

Travelling through 17 countries and overcoming 17,000 km by bike, Clément Nothhmob embarked on a trip that was much more than just an adventure.

Expat artist says work must respect local cultural values

On the sizzling and humid days of Hanoi, photography enthusiasts in the capital have had the opportunity to explore the forensic photography project The Weight of Things through the lens of Irish photographer Eddie Ryan.

Female tourist in bikini walks around Hoi An, raising eyebrows

The image of a foreign traveler walking around Hoi An ancient town in a bikini has stirred up the public. Many people criticized the woman for not honoring Vietnamese customs and traditions.

HCM City police to verify if landlords register foreign tenants

The HCM City Police are set to inspect all accommodation rented to foreigners to ensure their landlords complied with regulations related to reporting foreign residents.

Student from Laos falls in love with Vietnamese dance

Choby Vongxay is over the moon about Vietnamese folk dance. He intends to take it back to his homeland after graduation so he can continue to perform.

Foreign patient with 8 years of leg paralysis successfully treated in Vietnam

After researching on the Internet, the patient decided to pursue treatment utilizing traditional medicine and selected Vietnam as the location for treatment.

Japanese policeman moves to Vietnam to seek happiness

Kaneya Manabu, 42, has been living in Vietnam for seven years. He decided to come to Vietnam after 35 years of living and working in Japan.

German journalist’s new book tells stories about Vietnam war in 1972

German journalist Hellmut Kapfenberger has introduced his new book, which is a collection of writings and photos about the war in Vietnam in 1972.

Creative and funny guide book for expats to explore Hanoi

Newcomers to Hanoi can find information about the capital city through various channels and guidebooks, but for those seeking something a little different, The Hanoi Digest is just the book for you.

US veteran promotes arts to link peace and heal the wound

David Thomas, founder Indochina Arts Partnership and an US artist and American War veteran, paid a special visit to VN during his journeys in Da Nang, Hanoi and destination in central VN in April of 2023.

Thai tiktoker falls in love with Vietnam

The 26-year-old has pledged to make monthly trips to the country, drawn back by the lure of its delectable cuisine and fascinating culture.