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OnPoint has successfully raised $50 million in a series B fund-raising round from SeaTown Private Capital Master Fund managed by SeaTown Holdings International, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. owner successfully calls for $3.5 million of capital

The investment in True Platform is one of the largest ever seed-round investment deals in a technology startup in Southeast Asia.

Investments in game, payment and e-commerce startups soar

Total investment capital in Vietnam’s startups in 2021 reached $1.4 billion, or 1.5 times higher than 2019.

‘Golden era’ of Vietnamese start-ups

With the development potential and the ability to catch the technology wave, Vietnamese start-ups have attracted foreign venture capital funds as well as domestic investors.

US$1.3 billion poured into Vietnam startups in 2021

Hot industries that attracted large amounts of capital last year were financial technology (Fintech), games, education, healthcare and e-commerce.

Australian investment supports Vietnamese startups

The Australian Government has committed 4.9 million AUD (3.53 million USD) of investment in Vietnam's venture fund Ascend Vietnam Ventures (AVV) to assist local startups, according to the Australian Embassy in Vietnam.

Vietnam's e-commerce startup gets $2.6 million investment

Startup Selly, Vietnam's social commerce model, has raised $2.6 million in a Pre-Series A funding round from investment funds CyberAgent Capital, Do Ventures, Genesia Ventures, JAFCO Asia and KVision.

Vietnamese startups receive millions of USD investment in early 2022

In January, many tech startups in Vietnam received millions of USD from large foreign funds from the early round.

Technology as favorable choice among Vietnamese startups

In the digital era, advanced technologies have wider implementations in various aspects. Many startup businesses in Vietnam have chosen technological products and services as their development direction and have achieved impressive results so far.

More unicorns emerge as mega deals pave way for startups

Total funding into Vietnamese startups over the past year is likely to have reached a new high with more startups crossing over into a unicorn status.

MoMo's value surpasses $2 billion to officially become VN's unicorn

In the latest fund-raising round, financial technology startup MoMo received $200 million of investment capital, bringing its total value to over US$2 billion.

Early-stage groups expanding startups ecosystem

The gradual maturity of Vietnam’s startup ecosystem is expected to boost fundraising and dealmaking activities.

Over 1,000 organizations in Vietnam capable of supporting startups

Vietnam currently has over 1,000 organizations capable of supporting startups, including technology startups, with 202 coworking zones, 79 business incubators and 38 business promotion organizations.

Vietnamese startups succeed in attracting large investment amounts

Despite the severe Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese startup ecosystem is witnessing an impressive growth, with various startup projects being successful in gaining millions of dollars of capital this year.

VN game studio gets US$6.8 million investment

The Sipher company of Vietnamese businessman Nguyen Trung Tin has received US$6.8 million in investment in the latest capital raising round.

The young female CEO and Vietnam’s first app for the elderly

HASU, developed by young female IT expert Ngo Thuy Anh during a special time – the first wave of Covid 19 in Vietnam, has become the first application on comprehensive healthcare for people aged over 50 in Vietnam.

Promise more than evident in Vietnam’s edtech fortunes

Vietnam’s edtech startups are luring the interest of both local and foreign venture capital funds as they are bringing new business models to tap into millions of online students.

The rise of China's cheap smartphones

Inexpensive Chinese smartphones from Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus and Realme are gradually knocking out big names like LG, Samsung or even Apple.

Startups expand with fresh funding and portfolios

Despite the global recession, Vietnamese startups have still been attracting millions of US dollars from foreign funds in the beginning of 2021.

In the 'new normal', startups could become technology unicorns

Rapid digital transformation will serve as an important driving force for technology firms to become unicorns in the future.