Students are flocking to the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university, before their high school entrance exams, scheduled to take place on June 12-13.

The temple, the main Confucian school in feudal times, was built in 1070 in the time of Emperor Ly Nhan Tong. It includes pavilions, halls, statues and steles, and is venerated as a place of respect. Modern students still indulge in this tradition.

As the Temple of Literature is temporarily closed because of the Covid-19 epidemic, many parents and students have had to pray in front of the temple gate.

Some parents even read the registration number and registered high school of their children and burned votive paper at the temple gate with the desire to have a lucky exam.

"Even though I can't go inside the temple due to the Covid-19 epidemic, standing outside to pray has shown my sincerity," said parent Nguyen Thi Tuyen from Hanoi.

This year more than 93,000 students in Hanoi are set to take the high school entrance exams this weekend and measures are in place to ensure COVID-19 safety.

The high school entrance exams in Hanoi will be held at 184 exam sites, with four subjects: Literature, Mathematics, Foreign Languages and History.

The city has employed more than 14,500 education officials, teachers and staff for the exams and all 30 districts across the city are well-prepared. Social distancing protocols have been set up and drills have been conducted to ensure students are properly distanced during the exams.

The city’s authorities have asked all students to fill out their health declaration forms online before June 11.

Dinh Hieu

Students prepare for exams amid COVID-19 pandemic

Students prepare for exams amid COVID-19 pandemic

As the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country ahead of many important exams, changes to the format of the tests have been made to ensure the safety of students.