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Temple of Literature to officially launch night tour in November

This unique experience programme has been completed and is in the final stages of preparation for official launch next month.

Hanoi pilots night tour to Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam

A pilot tour to explore Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) in Hanoi at night was conducted on October 22 with the participation of many travel agencies.

Centuries-long lake in Hanoi gets facelift

With the facelift and the special value it boasts, Ho Van, a big lake belonging to the system of the Temple of Literature, is expected to become an appealing cultural-creative space of Hanoi in the years ahead.

Strange 'offerings' of high-school students pray for good luck for graduation exams

Some 12th graders in Hanoi brought "offerings" such as light bulbs, ballpoint pens and paper with their names, addresses, and exam registration numbers to the Temple of Literature to pray for good luck for the upcoming high school graduation exam.

Proposal for a walking space in the area of Temple of Literature

The area surrounding Temple of Literature will be pedestrianized where cultural activities will organized in the post-pandemic period.

Students pray at Temple of Literature gate before high-school entrance exams

Hanoi’s high-school entrance exam will take place on June 12-13. Before the exams, many parents and students prayed at the gate of Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) for good luck.

Temple of Literature displays photos of Tet during Nguyen Dynasty

A photo exhibition featuring Lunar New Year during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) is being held at Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam (The Temple of Literature). 

US ambassador pays visit to Hanoi’s Temple of Literature

The United States’ ambassador to Vietnam Daniel J. Kritenbrink went on a tour of the historic Temple of Literature, the nation’s oldest university, in Hanoi on November 17 to mark the 38th Vietnamese Teachers’ Day which falls on November 20.

Ao Dai displaying Vietnamese cultural heritage on show in Hanoi

An Ao Dai, the nation’s traditional long dress, fashion show which features Vietnamese cultural heritage through UNESCO took place at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi on June 28.

Ao Dai fashion designer promotes Vietnamese heritage to the world

Local designer Do Trinh Hoai Nam has unveiled his latest collection of Ao Dai, a type of traditional long dress, with each unique piece featuring globally renowned cultural heritage in Vietnam.

Tourist sites in Hanoi close to be disinfected amid COVID-19 fears

Both historical relic sites and popular tourist destinations located throughout Hanoi have been temporary closed whilst thorough disinfectant measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are carried out.

Places of interest in Hanoi crowded with visitors once again

Vietnam has received a boost as foreigners continue to visit the nation amid the country becoming one of the world’s safe destinations in the fight against coronavirus, with plenty of sightseeing locations around Hanoi becoming increasingly busy.

Tourists feel safe when visiting Temple of Literature

The number of tourists visiting the Temple of Literature, known locally as Van Mieu, has begun to rapidly increase in recent days as a result of the drastic actions taken by Hanoi in combating coronavirus.

Hustle and bustle returns to Hanoi after impact of COVID-19

Outdoor entertainment areas, commercial centres, and relic sites throughout Hanoi have been gradually becoming busier over the past few days following a slow month after being affected by COVID-19.

Hanoi calligraphy festival set to run during Tet

The annual Lunar New Year Spring Calligraphy Festival is poised to open at Van Lake next to the Temple of Literature, known locally as Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, in Hanoi with a large number of residents and tourists set to attend the event.

Temple of Literature named as host of calligraphy spring festival 2020

Up to 52 calligraphers are set to take part in a calligraphy spring festival which will open on January 18 at the historic Temple of Literature in Hanoi.

Hanoi prepares to hold cultural activities for Tet celebration

A diverse range of cultural activities are set to take place during the Lunar New Year, known locally as Tet, as announced by Hanoi’s Department of Culture and Sports during a press conference held on January 7.


Thang Long imperial citadel to be glowing with Tet atmosphere

The atmosphere of the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year will be recreated at the Vietnamese Tet Programme 2020 to be held at the Thang Long imperial citadel in Hanoi from January 17 to February 2.

The 100-year-old general recalls historic years

Having reached the milestone age of 100, Dang Van Viet still impresses with his gentle voice and vivid memories. His face is full or pride recalling the years he spent fighting the resistance war against French colonialists.

Service helps preserve solemn atmosphere in historical sites

The Temple of Literature, a renowned relic site in Hanoi has undertaken various initiatives to implement the recently issued Code of Conduct for Tourists.