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Some SOEs seek to restore state governing policy

Many state-owned corporations (SOEs) have asked to be put under the management of ministries as they were in the past. The proposal has been described by VCCI chair Vu Tien Loc as a "step back in the reform process".

State-owned groups, general corporations report big losses due to Covid-19

Enterprises in the transport sector have suffered the most from the epidemic.

Vietnam takes first steps towards establishing super committee

Though advocating the establishment of a super committee to manage state capital in enterprises, economists remain divided on how exactly it should be done.

‘Super committee’ applauded as it will stop governing body

Though observers have different views about the establishment of a ‘super committee’ to manage state capital and assets in enterprises, they agree that the current policy will come to an end.

Firms in key fields put under super-committee management

The list of SOEs put under control of the ‘super committee’, shows that the government wants control in some key business fields – energy, natural resources, infrastructure and agricultural land.