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High quality farm produce unsalable, farmers get exhausted

Farmers spend big money and efforts to grow high quality farm produce which meet international standards, but the products have been refused, or sold at low prices.

TV digitalization – a costly revolution

TV enterprises would have to spend several trillions of dong to buy new machines to broadcast TV programs in new technology, while people would have to pay VND9,100 billion to buy set top boxes to watch terrestrial digital TV.

Billion-dollar market remains unreachable for Vietnamese digital content firms

The domestic digital content market, estimated to be worth billions of dollars, may be out of the reach of domestic enterprises if they cannot receive the appropriate support from the state.

Man helps local people with mental disabilities

A man in Gia Lai Province has voluntarily taken on the job of caring for dozens of people with mental disabilities in his home.

Elephants need forests to reproduce, not money

“Instead of giving us money, please give us forests. We will help elephants reproduce,” said an elephant breeder in Dak Lak.

Vietnamese feel insecure with hydropower plants

While other governments in the world reconsider hydropower plant development strategies and the world’s big organizations do not fund hydropower projects any more, Vietnam still cherishes a keen desire to develop hydropower.

Businesses complain they don’t receive proper care from the State

Businesses have been caught into a vicious circle. Since they cannot borrow money, their production has become stagnant and they cannot pay bank debts. And since they cannot pay debts, they cannot access bank loans.