Ta Hien street

Update news Ta Hien street

On December 31 night, hundreds of international tourists joined Vietnamese people at Ta Hien Street in Hanoi Quarter to welcome the new year 2023.

Foreigners welcome a "different Christmas" in Hanoi

Welcoming Christmas in Hanoi brought a different and new feeling to many international tourists.

Foreigners enjoy bustling atmosphere in Hanoi’s Old Quarter for World Cup final

Thousands of local and international tourists flocked to Ta Hien street in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter on the night of December 18 in order to watch the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup between France and Argentina.

Hospitality providers in Hanoi Old Quarter revive

Hospitality providers in Hanoi’s Old Quarter have been gradually recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 15, most of them have so far been brought back to life.

Ta Hien Street busy again following lifted social distancing order

After weeks of massive closure due to COVID-19, Ta Hien, Ma May and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets now reopen to welcome party animals.

Ta Hien street desolated after suspension order

Entertainment establishments in Hanoi’s Old Quarter are ordered to close until the end of March amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Hanoi tourist street ignores coronavirus fears

Ta Hien Street in Hanoi Old Quarter has become crowded again after being quiet for around one month due to coronavirus. 

Return of foreign tourists breathes energy back into Ta Hien street

Following a brief lull in business as a result of the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Ta Hien street in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter has become increasingly busy due to the return of foreign visitors.

Popular Hanoi tourist street

Ta Hien Street in Hanoi Old Quarter which is often called as Pho Tay (Foreigner Street) is busier at night, particularly at the weekend with large numbers of foreigners.

Night activities on the “Street for Foreigners”

Visiting the streets of Ta Hien - Luong Ngoc Quyen, known as the "international crossroads" on weekend evenings, foreign visitors and local residents are greeted with a crowded and boisterous atmosphere.

Image: Vibrant winter night at Hanoi’s 'international crossroads'

 VietNamNet Bridge - Many foreign tourists dressed like characters in the movie "Star Wars” have been walking on the street.

Plan to pave Old Quarter streets rejected

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Hoan Kiem District Party Committee on Wednesday (August 19) asked the district People's Committee to cancel the plan to pave 11 Old Quarter pedestrianised streets with natural stones.

Image: Hanoi’s first street paved with flagstones

 VietNamNet Bridge - Hoan Kiem District has proposed to the Hanoi authorities to pave 11 walking streets in the Old Quarter with flagstones instead of cement.

Age-old problem poses costly conundrum

 VietNamNet Bridge – National Heritage houses are vital for attracting tourists and preserving traditional culture for future generations, but their inhabitants are bound by red tape and often forced to live in squalid conditions.