tasteatlas vietnamese canh chua ca among top 10 best fish dishes picture 1
Vietnamese Canh chua cá is named among Top 10 best fish dishes (Photo:TasteAtlas)

According to the publication, the dish was given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to surpass many popular international dishes such as Japan’s Unadon, Sashimi, and Salmon nigiri sushi; and the Republic of Korea’s Chamchi gimbap.

TasteAtlas said that the term Canh chua cá encompasses various fish-based Vietnamese soups that are characterised by their combination of sweet, spicy, and sour tastes.

“The soups are usually made with a tamarind-based broth, and they typically include chunks of pineapple, tomatoes, okra, bean sprouts, or other vegetables,” it noted.

The food magazine also revealed that most varieties are prepared with catfish, although some versions do include ingredients such as carp, snakehead fish, eels, and salmon. These soups are usually topped with cilantro and served with rice on the side.

Rounding off the list is Pempek of Indonesia; Shorshe ilish of India; Tekkadon, Otoro nigiri sushi, Maguro nigiri sushi, and Chutoro nigiri sushi of Japan; Gravlax of Northern Europe, along with Lohikeitto and Kalakeitto of Finland.