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Many major foreign network service providers such as Facebook, Microsoft, TikTok, Netflix have directly registered, declared and paid taxes online...

Taxing cross-border platforms: Vietnam tries to fight losses

Cross-border businesses providing services directly to individual users earn huge revenue from Vietnamese customers but they have not paid taxes to Vietnam.

Vietnam boosts e-commerce tax collection

Tax revenue from cross-border e-commerce activities reached more than VND1 trillion (US$43.5 million) in the first nine months of this year.

Gardener confirms mutant orchid transaction, promises to pay tax

Bui Huu Thanh, the owner of the mutant orchid garden, said that he has actually sold a Ngoc Son Cuoc mutant orchid for VND250 billion following reports that the transaction was fake.

Tax revenue tops $54.37 billion in 2020

Total tax collection in 2020 is estimated at over VND1.26 quadrillion ($54.37 billion), equivalent to 100.6 percent of the estimate, Deputy Director of the General Department of Taxation Dang Ngoc Minh said on December 31.

State budget revenue hits 98 per cent of annual target

More than VND1.48 quadrillion (US$64.2 billion) was collected for the State budget in 2020, equivalent to 98 per cent of the target, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Tax collections from cross-border platforms too low

The amount of tax collected from cross-border platforms in the first 11 months of 2020 was about VND1 trillion. But the figure doesn’t truly reflect the real activities of the platforms in Vietnam.

State budget loss of revenue from tax collections is up to hundreds of trillion VND

State auditors have found incorrect application of land rent remission policy in some provinces that did not adjust land rents after the rent stabilization period expired.

Hanoi announces names of tax debtors on TV

The Hanoi Tax Department has cooperated with Hanoi Television to make a TV segment publicizing the names of companies with large tax arrears, with four debtors to be named in the first phase.

Tax collections up, but tax revenues from enterprises down

The total collection for the state budget may exceed VND46 trillion may not be good news, because the sources of revenue are uncertain and the collection from enterprises has decreased.

Vietnam vows to collect tax from cross-border services

The collection of tax from cross-border services, or services provided by foreign firms via internet to users in Vietnam, is included in the amended Tax Management Tax, expected to take effect in early 2020.

Bad debts are heavy load on tax agents

 VietNamNet Bridge – Nguyen Dai Tri, deputy director of the Viet Nam Taxation Office talks to Hải Quan (Customs) newspaper about efforts to avoid losses in tax collection and to recover bad debts.

Instead of earning VND1 from Youtube, Vietnamese app yields VND8

VietNamNet Bridge - With the same number of video followers, the revenue that content owners and suppliers can earn when posting video on YourTV will be eight times higher than on Youtube.

Despite price fall, Vietnam exploits oil, opens Red River coal basin

As the crude oil price keeps falling, state budget revenue has decreased. However, despite the bad news, Vietnam still has to continue exploiting oil and consider opening the Red River coal basin.

Vietnam loses big money on iron ore export ban

VietNamNet Bridge - The iron ore export ban has caused Vietnam to fail to collect tens of trillions of dong, while the continued steel production from iron ore has caused the environment to be seriously polluted.

Numerous businesses unexpectedly asked to pay tax arrears

 VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of businesses have unexpectedly received a demand to pay tax arrears worth of up to billions of dong. The businesses complain that they are the victims of the unclear legal documents.