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Vietnamese firms on better footing in cyber security market

The Vietnamese cyber security market, which was previously flooded with solutions developed by foreign businesses, have become more balanced, and domestic firms are tend to be on a better footing.

Human resources: key to digital transformation success

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to step up digital transformation. Preparing human resources is the decisive factor that will determine the success of the process.

Vietnam to become technology power with open platforms

The Vietnam Open Summit reflects Vietnam’s commitment, strategy and action plan on developing and mastering digital technology based on open standards.

With Vsmart phones, Vietnamese-made tech products become popular

Vietnamese consumers have bought made-in-Vietnam fashion products and other goods but few technology products have been popular until the appearance of V-smartphones.

Vietnam’s startups make arduous efforts to call for foreign capital

Most Vietnamese startups find it difficult to call for investment, especially foreign investment.

Where will manufacturers go if US-China trade war gets worse?

Will Vietnam be chosen as the destination for investors who plan to move out of China?

To receive technology giants, VN needs to prepare home market: experts

If Vietnam cannot prepare well to receive foreign technology conglomerates, they will come to Vietnam but will bring satellite businesses, ending up offering no jobs for Vietnamese.

Vietnam lays out red carpet to attract technology talents

The technology community several days ago was stirred up by the rumor that most of the development team of a large Vietnamese technology firm had left for another company, causing many key projects of the firm to be delayed.

Plan to have 5,000 sci-tech firms may be unattainable

Under its science and technology development strategy, Vietnam would have 5,000 science and technology firms by 2020, including 2,000 in HCMC.

More incentives for science, technology firms

 The Government has issued a decree creating more favourable conditions for the development of businesses operating in the field of science and technology.

Amazon and Intel drive US markets lower

 Wall Street shares plunged to their lowest level in weeks on Monday in a wide sell-off led by technology firms.

Ellen Pao faces $1m legal bill in sexism case

 Ellen Pao, the woman who took a Silicon Valley firm to court over sexism claims and lost, has been asked to pay legal costs of nearly $1m (£660,000).