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According to statistics, about 2% of children suffer from depression. The rate is from 5% to 8% for adolescents. The rate is higher among children after puberty.

Teens and the pressure to become ... "celebrities"

 VietNamNet Bridge - The phenomenon of school age teens dreaming of becoming singers, models, actors ... is not too strange. However, many of them have to pursue this dream under the impacts of their parents.

Electric bicycles new favorite of the youth

VietNamNet Bridge - In addition to moving easier, electric bicycles are favored by Hanoi’s teens because they are stylish, have eye-catching colors and beautiful accessories.

Police investigate Hai Phong’s teen sex clip

VietNamNet Bridge - A teen couple had sex in the toilet and filmed with a cell phone. The clip was uploaded to Facebook. The police are tracing the one who posted the sex clip.