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Competition rising in VN ice cream market

Ice cream is also a market where local and foreign brands are battling it out for market share.

Vietnam’s dairy industry to boost exports

Vietnam’s dairy makers are accessing more opportunities to increase exports, but companies need to enhance their competitiveness in foreign markets and develop a concentrated production scale.

Vietnam dairy producers target Chinese market

Vietnam’s dairy products will enter the Chinese market following the signing of documents between the two governments.

Vietnam's milk producers remodel approach

Domestic milk producers are seeking new growth opportunities as changes in consumption trends and competitive pressure start to be felt.

Dairy producers gather strength for competition in organic food market

As the competitive edge in the fresh milk market segment is evenly divided among big companies, the organic milk segment has become a new battlefield for dairy producers.

Dairy producers run race in high-end market segment

Domestic dairy producers are developing their A2 milk cow herds to serve their plan to make A2 milk, starting a new race in the high-end market segment.

Vietnamese workers to compete with robots for jobs

VietNamNet Bridge - Instead of resisting the robotization trend or the 4.0 revolution, cheap labor markets like Vietnam should learn to live with the trend, experts say. 

Fierce battle in dairy market anticipated

VietNamNet Bridge - The dairy market is expected to become hot as more free trade agreements (FTAs) take effect, bringing more foreign producers to the Vietnamese market.

Milk market is a multibillion-dollar playing field

VietNamNet Bridge - The dairy market has steadily expanded, while the competition is getting fiercer, heating up the milk market. 

Development windows open for dairy firms

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese dairy companies have an opportunity to boost their share of the local market from only 28 per cent of total milk demand, Agriculture and Rural Development Deputy Minister Vu Van Tam said at a recent conference.