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Dreadful expansion outlook for beverage chains across nation

Social distancing and compulsory lockdowns are throwing a wrench in beverage chains’ market expansion plans this year adding insult to injury for these already unhealthy firms.

F&B chains in Vietnam go online or die during COVID-19

Many eateries have stopped serving offline and shifted to selling online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Battle heats up among coffee chains in Vietnam

Highlands Coffee has been expanding its chain at a lightening speed, while Trung Nguyen has opened E-Coffee and Cong is exporting products.

Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Tea Leaf losing to Vietnamese chains

Starbucks was the only foreign café chain to make it into the Top 5 in Vietnam, according to Euromonitor.

Entrepreneur aims to bring quality Vietnamese coffee abroad

The Coffee House has already opened 100 stores in Vietnam, the fastest growth rate among all coffee chains. Its founder, Nguyen Hai Ninh, was included on the list of 30 under 30 by Forbes in 2017.