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Police Captain Ca Van Nghia in the northern mountainous province of Son La’s Van Ho District has earned a reputation as the nemesis of local criminals, especially drug smugglers.

Binh Dinh police crack down on drunk drivers during Tet

Nearly 600 fines, costing violators up to VND2 billion (US$88,900), were handed out in southern BinhDinh province to crack down on drunk drivers and motorists prior to the Tet (Lunar New Year).

Wild animal meat in demand before Tet holiday

VietNamNet Bridge – Wild animals are being hunted in the mountainous areas of the central provinces of Quang Nam and Quang Ngai to sell for use during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Criminal law helpless in treating environment crimes

The number of environment criminals is on the rise, while criminal prosecution cannot help deter them, according to Major General Nguyen Xuan Ly, Head of the Environment Crime Prevention Police Department.

High technology lends a hand to money laundring crimes

The Internet has been exploited by crimes to wash dirty money. The Vietnamese police have discovered and taken investigations against the behaviors. However, the current legal loopholes make it difficult to charge the money laundry on the crimes.

Eating red book’s wildlife now in fashion among the rich

Many gibbons, langurs, loris in the deep jungle have been hunted, bred in captivity to entertain people. Others have been killed to turn into the special dishes served at the parties of the rich.

MOET to censor news on exam cheating

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has requested press agencies to discuss with the competent agencies before they publish the news relating to the exam cheating.

Too old motorbikes to be banned from circulation

Under a draft plan by the Ministry of Transport, the owners of the motorbikes would be fined if they cannot show the certificates on meeting emission standards.