VietNamNet Bridge – Dog meat markets in HCM City have disappeared because of the limited sources of supply and the public’s condemnation of eating dog meat.


A dog meet stall on Pham Van Hai Road.

Referring to the dog meat markets in the city, local people all know the names Ong Ta in Tan Binh district, Xom Moi in Go Vap district, dog meat stalls along Pham Van Bach road... At present, there are only a few dog meat stalls at these markets.

According to people living along Pham Van Hai Road, which is the home to the biggest dog meat market in Saigon in the past – Ong Ta, this market has disappeared because of the short of supply and the public opinion’s condemnation of eating dog meat. Many dog meat sellers now sell other products. In addition, food safety control over dog meat is loosened so customers have turned their back against dog meat.

However, there are still 2-3 dog meat stalls at the Ong Ta market. At 7am, reporters arrived at Ong Ta Market to see dog meat stalls here. Dog meat is piled up on tables. There was no signal that the meat was quarantined but a seller confirmed: "My meat is safe and delicious.”

This woman said that not many people sell dog meat--she could sell over 100 dogs a day, at the price of VND40,000-100,000 ($2-5) per kilo.

Dropping in a dog meat stall in Xom Moi market in Go Vap district, dog meat is displayed on an old table, without being covered. The seller constantly drove flies away with her hands. It is very weird that this shop was always crowded.

Mr. Hung, 45, used to be a dog trader in Tan Binh District, said: "The sources of supply on the market are mainly stolen dogs or dead dogs by diseases and even mad dogs. Many dogs had scabies but after they were shaved and burnt, customers could not know that they were sick dogs."

Hung said as food safety inspection over dog meat is neglected, customers have turned their back to dog meat and this is why many dog meat stalls were closed down. The existing dog meat stalls must have stable supply sources.

Together with the narrowed sources of dog meat supply and the reduction of customers, dog meat restaurants in Saigon have closed. Dog meat restaurants in Tam Ha (Thu Duc district), Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Road and the area near Ong Ta Market now sell other food.