Taking care of the physical and mental health of tourists is always the top priority of Mekong Wellness Cruise, which aims at a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. This is also a very new trend chosen by the traveler for the upcoming holiday (April 30 - May 1).

The journey of "wellness retreat" to An Giang

Traveling combined with healthcare is a very interesting experience. Most recently, a high-class cruise ship named Victoria Mekong Cruises (with 4 floors, 35 spacious and luxurious cabins), which can serve hundreds of visitors, made a “wellness retreat” trip from the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho to Chau Doc of the southern province of An Giang.

A new day full of energy began on the cruise ship with a Hatha Yoga class, combined with meditation right on the deck. The yoga class, instructed by coach Nguyen Anh Kiet, helped passengers relax, reduce stress, stay focused and sleep better.

"As long as you have a few minutes of meditation every day, you can become a happier person," Kiet said.

After the yoga class, visitors could see the sunrise on the river, observe the normal life of on-the-river merchants and floating villages.

Tra Su, the home to many species of birds

Leaving the cruise ship, visitors went ashore to discover the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, a flooded forest covering nearly 850 hectares, with wetland, a carpet of emerald-green duckweed and dense cajuput forest. This unique ecosystem attracts many special flora and fauna, including 70 bird species, 11 mammal species, 25 reptile species and 10 fish species besides about 150 plant species.

The best way to discover a flooded forest is of course by boat. This is undoubtedly the highlight of a tour to Tra Su Cajuput Forest. Visitors will have the chance to take a boat tour to go deeper into the forest an explore the most valuable natural scenery. Along the small canals through the forest visitors can enjoy the lush green water lilies and lotuses on the water.

Gradually going deep inside the forest, visitors will see a lot of rare birds dwelling. With the fresh air filled with birds chirping, Tra Su is really suitable for travelers who want to escape from the noisy and dusty city to find the peace of mind among nature.

 The morning yoga class on Victoria Mekong Cruises

Impressions left after the journey

Being different creates attractiveness, which is the combination of inspiring personal growth with the new feeling of contemplating and embracing the idyllic beauty and unique culture of the Mekong Delta. The trip will open the state of freedom and the peace of mind.

A boat tour in Tra Su Forest

The 3 days 2 nights trip on the Mekong Wellness Cruise’s cruise ship will take tourists back to nature. It is also a journey to find joy and happiness in life. It offers visitors an opportunity to have leisure time to take care of themselves and do things that have been neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Tra Su - the destination of wellness tourism

According to famous travel blogger Nhi Dang, "wellness retreat" is a concept that is increasingly popular, especially during this period, when people need a new environment to cleanse and purify the fatigue and pressure of life, to re-energize, to make their spirit more balanced and optimistic.

Tourists visit a cave on Tuc Dup Hill

The Mekong Delta region with its unspoiled nature, unique culture, generous people... has great potential to develop this form of tourism. The journey to the land of An Giang is so impressive as this destination offers wonderful landscapes in the true eco-tourism areas.

Wellness tourism is an increasingly popular choice not only for Vietnamese but also international tourists. Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and India have been marked on the world tourism map as the pioneers for this form of tourism, said Ms. Trang Dinh, Business Development Manager of Lumina Retreats.

Vinh Phu