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The unique wedding ceremony of the Bo Y ethnic minority

Only a handful of members of the Bo Y ethnic minority live in Vietnam. 

They dwell predominantly in Nam Luong hamlet in Quyet Tien commune in Quan Ba district in Ha Giang province, as well as other communes in Dong Van district.

In Ha Giang, the Bo Y people still adhere to the custom that all household decisions are made by the male members of the household. Each family line has a middle name system ranging from 5 to 9 letters in length. Each generation's middle letter identifies the bearer's place in the family tree. There may be three or four generations living together in the same home, demonstrating a strong sense of community, connection and affection.

Farming is the primary source of income for the Bo Y people. A lot of cattle and poultry is raised, and the locals have expertise in fish farming. People go to the river every year during the rainy season to collect fish eggs to incubate, and then they release the hatchlings into nearby ponds and fields.

Along with all of the other traditional crafts, men are also adept at woodworking, blacksmithing, ceramics, stone chiseling and silver carving. Clothing, purses and towels may all be made by women who have mastered the art of cultivating cotton, spinning yarn, weaving textiles and embroidering.

Their nuptials are elaborate affairs, both in terms of logistics and budget. Typically, at least one unmarried pair and two wedded couples are required for the groom's family to participate in the wedding ceremony. It's a one-of-a-kind arrangement in which the bride will be escorted to her husband’s residence by her sister-in-law, who will lead a pink horse. The bride brings scissors and a fowl to her husband's residence when she returns. She lets the chicken loose in the woods halfway through the journey.

Long in the past, it was customary for the Bo Y women to give birth sitting down, with the placenta of the infant buried under the bed. When a parent dies, children are required to strictly abstain and grieve for 90 days for their mother and 120 days for their father.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

Typical house type of Bo Y ethnic group.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

Bo Y women have kept their traditional costumes from time immemorial.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

Most of them sew their own traditional costumes.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

Colorful textures.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

It takes a lot of time to master the traditional way of tying a scarf.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

Bo Y women today still preserve the old songs and tunes passed down by many generations.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

Their wedding ceremony is complicated and expensive. In the ceremony, usually the groom's family has only about 8 to 10 people, of whom there must be one to two pairs of unmarried, and two married couples.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

The delegation welcomes the bride with a loud trumpet sound.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

The bride is well-prepared heading to her husband's residence.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

The gorgeous bride.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y

The groom welcomed the bride at his house.

Độc đáo lễ cưới nhiều thủ tục của người Bố Y
The altar of the Bo Y family.

 Anh Dung



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