Mr. Tran Van Duc from Cau Giay district, a trader, said he came here every full moon day.

“My family does business, so praying for luck is very important. The last full moon day of the lunar year is an important day to give thanks for the good things that have come in the old year and for good luck in the new year. After making rituals, I am very comfortable and hope for good things in the new year," said Mr. Duc.

Mrs. Nguyen Anh Nguyet and her husband from Dong Da district said that they went to Phu Tay Ho to show their gratitude towards the Mother Goddess Princess Lieu Hanh and register for the upcoming rituals to pray for peace and relief in the new year.

Going to pagodas on the full moon day has become a beautiful custom of Vietnamese people.

Bao Khanh