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More young Vietnamese getting cancer: doctors

Many patients with liver, lung, breast, colorectal and stomach cancer were diagnosed in their 30s, or even 20s, instead of in their 40s and 50s as before.

Vietnam needs more stroke treatment centers

Each stroke unit in Vietnam treats an average of 2,000 patients a year, much higher than the ideal figure of 500. Experts say Vietnam needs 400 stroke units or centers in the years to come.

HCMC doctors receive hundreds of calls for emergency aid for depressed patients

HCM City is the first locality in the country giving first aid to depressed patients amid the increased number of people suffering from mental disorders after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hospitals to upgrade, invest to attract foreign patients: Official

The Ministry of Health has proposed to upgrade five tertiary referral hospitals to modern hospitals to attract foreigners to come for medical examinations and treatment.

Cancer incidence in Vietnam ranks 99th out of 185 countries

The cancer incidence in Vietnam is estimated to triple after 30 years and the current urgent situation is that more and more young patients have been suffering from cancer.

The centers that produce cosmetic surgery 'specialists'

Ignoring the risks, more unlicensed establishments have been opened and are still carrying out mass production of fake cosmetic surgery.

Serum bank for controlling infectious diseases operational in HCM City

The HCM City Centre for Disease Control has put into operation a serum bank that aims to provide a toolkit to assess the burden of infectious disease in the community and guide medical decisions in public healthcare centres in the future.

Vietnam sees great strides in saving extremely premature low weight infants

Doctors in hospitals in Vietnam have mastered advanced techniques to save premature babies weighing only 400 grams.

Where the lights never go out

Intensive care and emergency units are always the busiest places at hospitals as they take care of patients in the most serious state.

Vietnam among countries with a high incidence rate of stroke

Vietnam is among the countries with the highest incidence rate of stroke, 200,000 cases reported each year, according to Dr Nguyen Huy Thang, deputy chair of the Vietnam Stroke Association.

Young people at higher risk of HIV account for 33% of new infections in VN

About 33 per cent of new HIV infections in VN occurred among key young populations, higher than the global average of 27 per cent and the Asia Pacific average of 26 per cent, according to the latest data from UNAIDS 2023 HIV Estimates.

6,000 Immunoglobulin bottles for HFM treatment imported to Vietnam

Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health (MoH) has imported 6,000 bottles of Plasma-derived Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) to Vietnam to supply local hospitals for treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD).

Foreign patient with 8 years of leg paralysis successfully treated in Vietnam

After researching on the Internet, the patient decided to pursue treatment utilizing traditional medicine and selected Vietnam as the location for treatment.

Abbott, Real Madrid & Real Madrid Foundation launch 'Beat Malnutrition' campaign

Abbott, Real Madrid and the Real Madrid Foundation have launched 'Beat Malnutrition' campaign during Real Madrid's final match weekend of the 2022/2023 LaLiga season.

Mekong Delta hospitals’ blood reserves critically low

According to the Director of the Can Tho Hematology and Blood Transfusion Hospital, the cause of the blood shortage is difficulties in procurement, purchasing supplies, screening reagents, and blood testing.

Vietnam to set up three to six storage centres for rare drugs

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has been working on a plan to establish three to six centres for storing rare medicines and drugs in limited supply in accordance with the Prime Minister’s direction.

Hospital asks for urgent import of botulinum antidote to save patients

Cho Ray Hospital has sent an urgent document to the HCM City Health Department and Ministry of Health, reporting an urgent need for a botulinum antidote (BAT). The supply of the medicine is rare and unstable.

Vietnam seeks WHO’s assistance for supply of botulism antitoxin

Vietnam seeks assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO) as its leading hospital is short of botulism antitoxin.

VN patients at a disadvantage when accessing new drugs

Of 460 new drugs introduced in the world market in the last 10 years, only 9 percent of them are available in Vietnam.

VN health ministry issues plan to ensure vaccine supply until 2030

Specific priority mechanisms will be given to combined vaccines and vaccines that have not been rolled out in the national expanded vaccination programme during the 2023-25 period.