Drug traffickers in Dien Bien along with the exhibits


On June 20, the agencies arrested Do Tuan Bao, born in 1984 and residing in HCM City, confiscating 10,000 synthetic drug pills.

They also captured Vo Quoc Hoa, 27, from Can Tho, and seized 45kg of crystal meth, 8,000 drug pills and another 8kg of synthetic drug at his residence.

After further investigation, the forces arrested three ringleaders, all of them staying in HCM City.

The police found 300g of crystal meth, 200 drug pills, a CZ 75 pistol and five bullets when searching the residence of Nguyen Van Phuong in Binh Tan district.

In late June, in Hanoi, the police caught red handed three men trafficking drugs, seizing 54 bricks of heroin and related documents. They are all from the northwestern mountainous province of Dien Bien.

The police arrested two more men afterward, including the ringleader.

On June 30, relevant agencies apprehended Nong Van Hai from Cao Bang province into custody. They seized two guns, seven bullets and other exhibits at his place.

The third drug ring was busted the same day in HCM City. The police arrested Tran Thanh Phong, seizing 0.5kg of crystal meth.

Five other people were caught as the police seized additional 5.5kg of meth, six guns, 23 bullets, one grenade, an electric baton, four swords, three cars and other exhibits.

The cases are under further investigation.

According to the police, as COVID-19 has been brought under control in Vietnam and social distancing measures lifted, drug trafficking activities may likely be on the rise. Relevant agencies will enhance efforts to bust trafficking cases and not to let Vietnam become a drug hub.

Traffickers of large heroin amount arrested in Dien Bien

The police in the northern province of Dien Bien in collaboration with other forces have raided a drug trafficking ring involving three suspects and 54 bricks of heroin (nearly 19 kg).

Traffickers of large heroin amount arrested in Dien Bien hinh anh 1

Le Van Quy (second, right), Vice Chairman of the Dien Bien People's Committee presents awards to representatives of the police engaging in the investigation of the case 



In late July 7, the police arrested a man who was illegally trading the heroin in Tin Toc village, Muong Tung commune, Muong Cha district of Dien Bien.

Expanding the case, the police then seized two other men, along with one automobile, one motorbike and six cell phones.

According to the police, one month ago, they discovered the trans-provincial and trans-national drug trafficking ring with a large amount of heroin traded from Laos to Dien Bien through Lai Chau and Lao Cai before being sold to a third country.

The case is under further investigation./.VNA