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Vietnamese PhD student wins scholarship to study environmental science at UC, Berkeley

Nguyen Bao Ngoc from Hanoi has won a scholarship to enter a doctoral program in environmental science at the University of California, Berkeley, and is now pursuing internships in the US in her field of research.

Hanoi to clean up polluted To Lich river with water from Red river

The plan is to supply water from the Red river to improve quality of water in To Lich river which is severely contaminated for years.

Experts support To Lich River revival plan

Some Vietnamese experts have advocated a plan to turn Hanoi’s To Lich River into a recreational area with investment from Japan.

Project to recover historic To Lich River

A company has proposed building a history and culture complex near part of the To Lich River by 2026.

JVE proposes turning polluted To Lich River into sightseeing area

The Japan-Vietnam Environment Company (JVE) has proposed to upgrade the To Lich River in Hanoi into a park with investment from Japan.

Water quality in Vietnam's rivers varies by region

The water quality in the upper courses of the major river systems is good, but in urban areas or areas with many sources of waste, more polluted water exists.

Japanese team gives up project to revive Hanoi’s polluted river

The Hanoi Department of Construction has once again requested the team to show their legal documents, but so far the company has not responded to the request.

Hanoi leader urges completion of wastewater project

Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung has said he will no longer tolerate any delays to the construction of a wastewater treatment facility that is expected to address long-standing water pollution in the increasingly crowded city.

Japan’s JEBO apologizes for misunderstanding Hanoi leader’s statement

The Japan Environment and Business Organization (JEBO) has yet to seek permission from the government of Hanoi to clean up a section of the To Lich River and has tendered an apology to the municipal chairman over the misunderstanding.


Hanoi to build ten pedestrian bridges

Hanoi plans to build ten more pedestrian bridges in crowded streets in the inner city in an attempt to reduce traffic congestion and ensure safety.

Can To Lich River be cleaned with Japanese technology?

Hanoi authorities say the application of Nano-Bioreactor technology to treat To Lich River pollution hasn't brought satisfactory results, but the Japanese side has rejected the conclusion.

No technology can radically clean Hanoi's polluted river if sewage not treated: Mayor

The Hanoi government has attempted to clean the city's heavily polluted river many times over the last decade.

JEBO rejects Hanoi Chairman's statement on To Lich River clean-up

The Japan Environment and Business Organization (JEBO) has published an announcement by the Hanoi government on its permission.


JEBO ready to fund cleanse of polluted To Lich River

A Japanese organisation on Tuesday announced it was ready to pay all costs to clean the heavily polluted To Lich River and West Lake in Hanoi following a remark by an environment official saying the firm's sewage treatment technology had failed.

Hanoi to use Red River’s water to clean To Lich River

An idea put forward 40 years ago has again been put into discussion: using water from the Red River to clean the polluted To Lich River.

Red River to be used to clean To Lich River

Hanoi authorities are proposing to use water from the Red River to revive the heavily polluted To Lich River.


Vietnamese environment ministry to consider applying Japanese water tech widely

The noxious odour and level of mud in the To Lich River and West Lake in Hanoi have decreased dramatically since nano-bioreactor technology has been applied, according to a JETRO representative.

Big money poured into Vietnam's water supply projects

Big investments have been made in water supply projects, changing the face of the sector.

Japanese Koi dies after two days released into To Lich River

A Japanese Koi has been found dead after two days being released into the To Lich River and expert said that it was poisoned.


Japanese carp released into Hanoi river and lake

Japanese Koi and Vietnamese Tam Duong carp were released into the To Lich River and West Lake in Hanoi today, September 16.