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Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat city.

The event will be the third of its kind and will run with the theme of "Lam Dong - The Rendezvous of Flowers and Music", featuring a total of nine special programmes including an opening ceremony, exhibitions, and art performances.

The Lam Dong Province’s Museum will open for free from May 31 to June 6, with the event introducing a collection of the Nguyen Dynasty’s antiques to the public for the first time.

Furthermore, traditional rituals of ethnic minority groups in Lam Dong province will also be re-enacted at the museum, such as Nho Dong which is a rain praying ritual, Nho R’he which is an event celebrating a bumper crop after the harvesting season, and a wedding ritual of the Churu ethnic people.

Moreover, tourists will experience a train service as part of efforts to meet demand at nighttime in the resort city which will connect Da Lat station to Trai Mat railway station.

They will have the chance to sample local specialties, tour around flower gardens, and take in some of the sightseeing spots in Da Lat city at night.

Community tourism will be promoted through Gong performances put on by the K’Ho and Ma ethnic groups and folk dances. Da Lat was officially recognised as a flower festival city back in 2009 by the Prime Minister.

Last year saw Da Lat mark its 130th anniversary of receiving the prestigious title of "UNESCO Creative Music City".

In early March, the resort city was bestowed the prestigious title of “Festival City of Asia” at an international event in Thailand.